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  1. 0 I am preparing my resume, what is the current "rule" with keeping your resume to one page?? After researching the topic, I still haven't gotten a clear answer... I am finding that condensing to one page is extremely difficult. There are a few classmates that have gotten jobs and their resume was 2 pages etc. What is everyone's thoughts on this?
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    If you get 2 pages you get 2 pages, as long as whatever you're writing is "good" and will really sell you. If you were really active in volunteering / work throughout High School and College, it wouldn't be uncommon to have a lot on your resume. However if you have nothing outside of clinicals to post on your resume, there's not a single reason it should be 2 pages.

    There is a lot "padding" going on, most people can strip their resumes 1/3rd. They repeat a lot of info or they write things that are implied (ie. "normal" nursing rotations throughout a hospital that take up a large portion) .....
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    Would you mind taking a peek at mine?
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    Just post your resume here (remove all identifying info ... ) so other members can help if they want.
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    Check out the sticky thread at bottom of forum for more info on resume. 1 page appropriate for new grad without prior work experience; expand to 2 pages with prior work experience including other careers.

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