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    Not long ago I hired a resume writer to re-work my resume. I asked up front if she had written RN resumes before and she said she had, but she totally missed the mark on mine. I discovered that writing a RN resume is a specialty in itself! There are a lot of "professional resume writers" out there who proclaim they know how to do it but I think for the most part they're generalists. My resume has to be totally re-worked and put into Functional Format -- most definitely a challenge if one doesn't understand what RNs do.

    My question is do any readers have experience with writers that specialize in medical resumes and if so who did you use? Or can you recommend how to screen them? They aren't cheap and I want my money's worth -- and a job in the end. Thanks!
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    There are two parts in a resume.

    One is the one you hand over to your interviewer, attach in an application.
    Another is something more like a CV, this is the one you copy and paste in online applications. D

    I write resumes and have taught a lot of new grads how to tweak and make their resumes to stand out. I can do what I can to highlight skills but in the end, it's still based on the candidate's skill set. Most new grads have a set idea of what to put in their resume from what they've heard from others. Sadly, it's not the case. You have to highlight what makes YOU as an applicant unique.

    Many asked about putting their clinical experience... I say it's a NO but others say go for it.

    Why don't I like it? I have reviewed many of these candidates and if they, for example, had their preceptorship in XYX hospital. Why didn't they hire the nurse? It's easier to train someone who already knows the in's and out's of the hospital (Hoag Hospital in SoCal actually prefers their new grads to have had their clinicals in the hospital to be considered for new grad hire).

    Your resume should be the best representation of yourself. And if you don't know who you are and what you want to do with nursing, your resume will become bland. A generic resume is just as bad.

    What is a generic resume? It is a resume that looks and reads like every other candidate. It usually goes like
    TEL. NO.

    You have to think how to spruce up yours.
    NAME, ADDRESS & OTHER INFO (You can't really do anything about that)
    Objective (They know your objective is to land a job, instead... make it a personal summary. What kind of person are you and why would you be valuable to the hospital).
    Clinical experience: Highlight things you've done (assisted with chest tube placement etc.)
    School: Honors, awards, societies

    Again, your resume can only highlight what you have.