Please review my resume

  1. Objective

    Seeking full time employment as a RN in an acute care setting.

    August 2008 - December 2009

    • xxxxxxxxxxx
      • employed as LVN on renal unit as staff nurse. Competent in medication administration, computer charting, and direct patient care.
    December 2009 - May 2010

    • xxxxxxxxx
      • employed as LVN as contract nurse to local rural hospitals on medical/surgical units.
    June 2010 - March 2011

    • xxxxxxxxxx
      • employed as RN in a dialysis care center. Supervised patient care technicians in dialysis administration, administered medications per Rx, administration of dialysis to perm-cath patients per protocol. Proficient in pt. care planning.
    March 2011 - Current
    • xxxxxxxx
      • Employed as RN in adolescent inpatient acute psychiatric hospital. Supervised Mental Health associates in the care of adolescent and children psychiatric patients, administered medications per MD orders. Created system to ensure efficiency of treatment team completion and pt labs. Efficient in de-escalation techniques and therapeutic communication.

    xxxxxxxx College 2009-2010

    Graduated ADN program with honors.
    xxxxxxxx College 2006-2008

    LVN program

    Qualified in prudent nursing care, medication administration, dialysis administration, nursing assessment, computer skills, psychiatric care, and willing to learn and expand any skills not yet acquired

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  3. by   SurrenderDorothy
    I would put your employment in reverse chronological order, meaning most recent first.
  4. by   hnh573
    Thanks! Do you think it is too scarce or does it pretty much get the point across?
  5. by   lpnshortygurl
    I would add a little more.. You can use Word and they have templates that actually make it really easy to put together a great looking resume. It looks a little bare with just the job info.. Good Luck!
  6. by   RNewbie
    Templates are very helpful. You might want to add licenses, certifications/courses, and any volunteer work experience. Take a look at some example nursing resumes. I've seen a lot of good ones out there. Good luck.