please please critique my resume

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    Profile: Compassionate and motivated registered nurse candidate with hospital training. Strong communications skills that contribute to building therapeutic rapport with patients and to work well with team members. Excelled in clinical rotations demonstrating patient-driven care.

    • Registered Nurse, State of Pennsylvania, License #
    • Basic Life Support CPR certificate by American Heart Association

    2012-Current Pennsylvania State University - RN to BSN degree Reading, Pa
    2010-2012 The Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences - RN program Reading, Pa

    • Cum Laude, final GPA 3.53
    • Achieved Director's List four times

    Clinical Experience Total hours completed = 745 at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center

    • 140 hours in preceptorship - cardiac telemetry unit
      • Managed and coordinated patient care safely, efficiently and independently while under the supervision of a co-assigned RN
      • Administered medications including intravenous infusions and pushes
      • Facilitated communication with interdisciplinary team members to determine pathway to optimal health outcome for individual patients
    • Remaining hours performed on various medical/surgical units such as stroke, ICU, cardiac-surgical PCUs, pediatrics

    09/2012- Current Principal Wellness Company

    • Health Screener
      • Assess client's weight, height, blood pressure, BMI
      • Perform finger sticks lab tests for glucose and cholesterol profiles
      • Educate clients with important health information based on their results for awareness
      • Advocate for wellness and health maintenance

    07/2011-07/2012 The Reading Hospital and Medical Center Reading, Pa

    • Student Receptionist
      • Monitored front entrance security
      • Answered multi-phone line system
      • Greeting visitors and directing them to desired location

    this instructor
    that manager

    It looks nicer on Word obviously. My dilemna is using a profile statement instead of an objective but I wanted to try it out. Right now, it's just over a page so I'm debating about talking away from my clinical eexperience part but my preceptorship is very important to me because it was hard work and I'll make my references available upon request.

    Please give honest feedback and advice. It'll be greatly appreciate. I've been job hunting for a month.
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  3. by   Each1Teach1
    I like your resume. I went to a fair once, as a new grad, and was told that because I do not have any RN experience outside of clinicals, my resume should not go over to a second page. I ended up hacking up my resume and felt that I excluded pertinent information needed to help me land a job. I believe your preceptorship is strong, so yea, don't mess with that part. To help shorten it, you could perhaps omit the line about the remaining hours.

    Anyway, I like the profile statement idea over objective because everyone pretty much as the same objective: to land a job. LOL. But of course we make it sound much nicer than that. Keep up the good work. You'll find something soon!
  4. by   justchill
    Thanks for the feedback. I just had my first interview Monday, I applied to that job with an older resume but gave them this one included in my portfolio. I think it went okay. I was nervous ekkk crossing my fingers.
  5. by   Each1Teach1
    Lol. All the best! Do what your username says 'justchill'. You'll be alright. With a resume like yours, who wouldn't want to hire you? Now, go kick some butt!!!
  6. by   justchill
    My username is positive reinforcement =) I need to get a bracelet haha. Thanks a lot. I'm just waiting to hear back now. crossing my fingers