Please Critique My New Grad Resume!!

  1. Heyy! I'm from California where the job market is especially tough, so I'm trying to make my resume as appealing as possible so I'll hopefully stand out to someone, even though I'm a new grad. If any of you would mind critiquing this, I'd appreciate it so much!

    Name, RN
    Contact Information


    I am a nursing graduate desiring to work at ________ Hospital. I am a flexible, quick learner, who adapts easily to new situations and enjoys a challenging environment. I am self-motivated and committed to providing quality patient care and working as a team within the healthcare setting and also have strong organizational and communication skills and a life focus of ministry to others through healthcare.

    License and Certifications

    Registered Nurse License
    #_________, State of California, Issued ______

    BLS Certified
    American Heart Association

    ACLS Certification
    American Heart Association
    to be completed March 7, 2013


    Associates of Science in Nursing - 2010-2012
    School attended, Graduated Dec. 2012

    School attended - 2008-2009
    Nursing Prerequisites

    Clinical Experience

    Clinical Preceptorship: Renal Nov. - Dec. 2012 (74 hrs.)
    ________ Hospital, City, TN

    Trauma and Cardiac Intensive Care Units Aug. - Nov. 2012 (34 hrs.)
    ________ Hospital

    Nursing Practicum: Intermediate Medical Care Unit (IMCU) May, 2012 (120 hrs.)
    ________ Hospital

    Medical Surgical: Renal, IMCU Jan. 2011 - Oct. 2011 (90 hrs.)
    ________ Hospital, City, TN
    ________ Hospital

    Advanced Medical Surgical: Cardiac Step-Down Unit Jan. - March 2012 (54 hrs.)
    ________ Hospital

    Labor and Delivery, Post Partum, Nursery, NICU March - April 2012 (34 hrs.)
    ______Medical Center, City, TN
    NICU Observation at _______ Hospital

    Pediatrics, Childrens ER Aug. - Nov. 2012 (34 hrs.)
    _______ Hospital

    Mental Health Oct. - Dec. 2011 (45 hrs.)
    _______ Hospital, City, TN
    _______ Hospital, City, TN

    Work Experience

    ___________Public Radio - Aug. 2010 - Dec. 2012
    Radio Announcer, public relations, program coordinator/planner, website editor, concert recording

    ____________ Summer Camp
    Girls' Director - June 2011 - Aug. 2012
    Girls' Counselor - June 2009 - Aug. 2010
    Kitchen Crew - June 2007 - Aug. 2008

    School attended - Aug. 2011- May 2012
    Resident Assistant for Student Housing

    Name of Educational Organization - Aug. 2009 - June 2010
    Elementary School Name, island,_________ Islands
    Volunteer Second Grade Teacher/ Student Missionary

    Other Activities

    Volunteer nursing at Jungle Clinic in ________, Nicaragua - December, 2011

    Outreach ministry leader Aug. 2010 - Dec. 2012
    ________________Ministry Coordinator
    School attended

    Student Missions Club Officer - Aug. 2010 - May 2012
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  3. by   Lo2128
    your resume looks very similar to my first resume. Key to a good resume even after you gain a lot of experience is to keep it simple. if you had a ton of these coming through your fax machine you would want something clear and to the point and easy to read. I listed all my clinical exp as well on my resume. I think its good and shows you have been exposed to a lot of things. Just be persistant when applying, such as calling and checking the status or going in person, whatever you have to do to be persistent. ppl like that! they want to see intiative! you can sit at home all day and email your resume. sometimes you have to go out there and pound the pavement so to speak lol. its gotten me every nsg job I have had except the one I have now lol. So it def works. I wish you the best! good luck.
  4. by   Georgia peach RN
    I think this is really good! the only thing I would change would be to leave off my nursing license number they can get that when they hire you. No worries though if you are diligent in your job search God will guide you to the job He has chosen for you. : )
  5. by   kara89
    Thank you both, so much! I appreciate your advice!
    And I'm definitely going to be persistent. I'm planning on introducing myself too all the nurse managers and HR at the hospitals I want to work at and following up on any applications I submit.