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  1. I've been an MDS Nurse since I got my RN license in 2010. The facility I work in has been undergoing a lot of change - good nurses getting let go, hard-working people leaving - and the work we have to do just keeps growing. This is not my main reason for wanting to leave, afterall, every job has its stresses, but it is the final push for me to find out what else is out there for me.

    The only problem is that the jobs I'm looking at (home care, ambulatory, outpt centers, mostly) all require a minimum of 1 year clinical experience, of which I have none aside from my hours of clinical rotation; all my nursing experience relates to MDS. So my question is: How can I improve my resume so that it reflects the skills that these clinical positions are looking for? Is there anything in particular I should be including in my cover letters that will help me get that interview?

    Edited to add: Should I be getting other certifications (IV, ACLS, etc) to add to my resume? Or should I just leave that for when I get the job and am in orientation?

    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   Iliauna
    ACLS- definitely get it, shows initiative, and I've heard it looks good on the rsum (one reason being the facility won't have to fund it)
    Get any clinical certs you can and add a "continuing education" section to your rsum, join an org. Of your interest and attend webinars, conferences, etc. To show you are advancing your knowledge on the clinical side. Good luck!