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New Graduate Resume Critique

  1. 0 Hi all! I graduated in May and passed the NCLEX in June. Ive been desperatly searching for a job. I know I do not have the most experience but I am diligent and a fast learner. Since there has been a lull in working, I have taken an ACLS course and am looking for volunteer jobs.
    If you could look over this resume, Id really appreciate it. The more critical the better, I promise I won't argue

    I also noticed the formatting looks kinda weird on here, but I promise it's much more smooth on the actual document!

    Harry Potter, RN
    Address ▪ Phone ▪ Email

    Registered Nurse looking to obtain an entry level nursing position in a facility that will help ease the transition of a recent graduate to a clinical nurse in a positive learning environment. Skilled in critical thinking, customer service, communication, and culturally competent care. Compassionate and calm in fast-paced, high-stressed environments and a self-motivated learner. Bi-lingual in Russian with an avocation for cooking, reading, and traveling, as well as a passion for helping others.

    Education and Professional Development

    • Hogwarts (2013): Bachelor of Science, Nursing (GPA: 3.27, Major GPA: 3.37)
    • Study Abroad (Summer 2012): Summer Study Abroad
    • High School(2009): Member of the Arista Honor Society

    Clinical Experience
    Leadership Rotation: Hospital
    Home Health Care: Home Health Care
    Pediatric Rotation: Children's Hospital
    OB Rotation: Hospital
    Advanced Medical-Surgical Rotation: Hospital
    Psych rotation: Hospital
    Medical-Surgical rotation: Hospital
    Geriatric Rotation: Monastery

    Health Care Experience
    CNA, Monastery Summer 2011-May 2013

    Work with aged priests in assisting them with daily activities such as morning care, personal hygiene, and ambulation.

    Service Break Experience, Guatemala Fall 2012 Worked in a nursing home, malnutrition center, food distribution center, a homeless shelter, and constructed houses.

    Volunteer- Health Clinic, Philadelphia Spring 2012 Administered vaccines to underprivileged members of the community, performed assessments and teachings.
    Volunteer- Recreational Therapist Assistant, Nursing Home 2005-2009 Assisted department in conducting recreational/leisure programs while also providing 1-1 visits with the elderly.

    Leadership and Volunteer Activities
    Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania
    Nurses Without Borders
    College of Nursing Mentoring Program
    National Sorority
    Co-Philanthropy Chair, Greek Week Chair, and Domestic Violence Week Awareness Chair.
    Orientation Counselor
    Provided a group of new students with the resources and direction needed to begin their Villanova college career.
    Local Program Host at the Special Olympics
    Served as a liaison between the Special Olympics Committee and the county participants to which assigned
    Spoke with prospective students and families prior to campus tours and information sessions.
    High School: Vice President and Co-founder of **** Club
    Hosted the Annual Carnival for ****, raising over 1500 dollars
    High School Peer Leader and Big Sibling:
    Provided guidance to students in need

    Additional Employment
    Administrative Assistant, Jewelry Company Summer 2012

    Handled schedules, fielded phone calls, used photoshop, helped with trunk shows, and organized databases.
    Student Fundraiser, ***** September 2009-May 2010

    Sales Associate, **** Summer 2009
    Distinguished by organization with reward for generating top sales numbers on three occasions.
    Babysitter 2005-Present

    Tutor of Middle School and High School English/Math 2005-Present


    • Fluent in Russian
    • ACLS and BCLS certified
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    Any advice? Ive been looking for a job since April. All help would be appreciated!!
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    It seems long. I would get rid of all the stuff that isn't health care related.
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    Quote from schnookimz
    It seems long. I would get rid of all the stuff that isn't health care related.
    I agree w/the post above. Try reading the job description of the job you're applying for to give some ideas of what the emoloyer is looking for.

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    I agree with the previous two posts. Also, I don't think it is necessary to include high school information on your resume. You can keep the GPA information if you want, but I would omit it since it doesn't play a big part in obtaining a job unless you are applying for a new grad internship. All new nurses have clinical experiences, why don't you instead have a section labeled skills or summary of qualifications are briefly list your experience. I also agree to take out the stuff that isn't health care related. Lastly, limit your resume to 1 page. Good luck!
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    Thank you for all the tips guys!
    Cleaning it up now!