New Grad RN Resume Help!

  1. I am a new grad, needing feedback on my resume. Please advise... The formatting isn't being pasted correctly, but I'm hoping the content is good..

    OBJECTIVE_________________________________________ __________________
    Desiring a challenging, dynamic nurse residency position to utilize and further my skills as a patient-centered, diligent new graduate nurse.

    EDUCATION_________________________________________ __________________
    The University of Texas Medical Branch | Galveston, TX Summer 2017
    Bachelors of Science in Nursing, GPA: 3.56
    Texas A&M University | College Station, TX Spring 2015
    Bachelors of Science in Health, GPA: 3.67

    AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS______________________________________ ____
    UTMB’s Dean’s List Fall 2016 & Spring 2017
    Edgar and Grace Gnitzinger Scholarship Fund Summer 2016 & Spring 2017
    John J Gaherin Scholarship for the School of Nursing Fall 2016

    PROFESSIONAL AND LEADERSHIP_______________________________________
    AWHONN Student Nurse Member May 2017 – present
    Student Nurses Association
    • Community Service Committee Spring 2017 – present
    UTMB Student Peer Mentor Fall 2016 – present

    EXPERIENCE AND LEADERSHIP________________________________________ __
    School of Nursing Peer Tutor
    • Mother and Family (NURS 4531) May 2017 – present
    Binding Generations Geriatric Interest Group
    • Secretary & Member Fall 2016 – present
    Resident Care Associate | Brookdale Senior Living August 2015 - December 2015

    CLINICAL EDUCATION_________________________________________ _________
    Capstone Texas Children’s Women’s Pavilion-Mother Baby Summer 2017
    Critical Care Jennie Sealy Hospital Summer 2017
    Obstetric The Woman’s Hospital of Texas Spring 2017
    Community The Sunshine Center Spring 2017
    Pediatric Clear Lake Regional Hospital Spring 2017
    Psychiatric Ben Taub General Fall 2016
    Med/Surg II Baylor Saint Luke’s Hospital Fall 2016
    Med/Surg I Jennie Sealy Hospital Summer 2016

    References available upon request
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  3. by   Newgradnurse17
    Looks good.

    Would make the objective more personal. At the moment it's generic and doesn't really mean anything. Personally I like to Change this section for every job I'm applying to so I can show my passion for that hospital/area. Patient centred, dynamic ect mean nothing to an employer, they are just words anyone could say. Stick to 2-3 sentence max, tell them why you wanna work there and be genuine. It's easy to tell when your not!

    I wouldn't have 2 sections labeled leadership. Maybe combine them? Or call one section something else.

    clinicals I would write exactly what floor you were on and hour many hours you completed there.

    Lastly if you've ever had a job, include it even if it's not in health care. Always looks good working while in school.