New Grad resume... Seeking feedback please

  1. Hey all-
    I recently passed the NCLEX, but I'm having trouble with some parts of my resume. I don't know if I should list the hospitals I did my clinical rotations in. I left them out because I went to school in Illinois but I'm moving to Colorado. Also, I'm not sure what to do with the qualifications summary, because as a new grad, I don't have many other skills.

    The tips I read on this forum were very helpful in helping me write this resume, but now I am stuck!! Please critique and don't be afraid to be mean.. I like feedback!

    __________________________________________________ ________________
    10000 W. Blackwater Dr
    Kings Landing, CA 90999
    (123) 456-7890


    • Colorado RN License #
    • BLS certification, American Heart Association


    • Winterfell University, College of Science and Health Winterfell, CA Master of Science in Nursing Graduated November 2012 GPA 3.9

    • University of Westeros Storms End, CA Bachelor of Science in Biology, Art minor Graduated May 2009 GPA 3.4


    • Computer skills: Experience with electronic medical records (Meditech, Cerner, EPIC) and proficient with Microsoft Office applications and nursing research databases.
    • Research experience with nursing faculty in mental health.
    • Completed 130 hours during preceptorship in the Emergency Department.
    • Clinical rotations include medical/surgical, long-term care, rehabilitation, OR, PACU, GI lab, outpatient mental health, CCU, ICU, labor and delivery, antepartum, postpartum, NICU, pediatrics, and hospice home health.


    • Dragonstone Department of Health Services Dragonstone, CA Caregiver October 2011 - Present Assisted client with activities of daily living

    • Winterfell Ale House Winterfell, CA Server July 2010 - September 2011 Took and facilitated orders while providing optimal customer service in fast-paced environment


    • Kings Landing Pantry, Winterfell, CA August 2012 - Present
    • Alliance for Community Peace, Winterfell, CA March 2011 - November 2011
    • The Raptor Center, Winterfell, CA January 2008 - July 2010


    • XXXXX Student Nurses Association January 2011 - November 2012
    • National Student Nurses Association January 2011 - December 2012
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  3. by   RNewbie
    I have never used a qualification summary on my resume so I can't really comment on that part but I think the rest of it is fine. It's clear and consise.
  4. by   Sailnskinurse
    There are currently two approaches to to boast skills...more CV style and one that boasts experience. Please let me know if you are still looking for advice and I can send you mine. All the best!
  5. by   Rockclimbingnurse
    Thanks! I ended up getting a job offer a month later. In the end, my manager told me it was me dressing in a suit and printing it on nice paper (not computer paper) that really sealed the deal. Hopefully, it will be a while before I'm job hunting again.