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New Grad resume... Seeking feedback please

  1. 1 Hey all-
    I recently passed the NCLEX, but I'm having trouble with some parts of my resume. I don't know if I should list the hospitals I did my clinical rotations in. I left them out because I went to school in Illinois but I'm moving to Colorado. Also, I'm not sure what to do with the qualifications summary, because as a new grad, I don't have many other skills.

    The tips I read on this forum were very helpful in helping me write this resume, but now I am stuck!! Please critique and don't be afraid to be mean.. I like feedback!

    __________________________________________________ ________________
    10000 W. Blackwater Dr
    Kings Landing, CA 90999
    (123) 456-7890


    • Colorado RN License #
    • BLS certification, American Heart Association


    • Winterfell University, College of Science and Health Winterfell, CA Master of Science in Nursing Graduated November 2012 GPA 3.9

    • University of Westeros Storms End, CA Bachelor of Science in Biology, Art minor Graduated May 2009 GPA 3.4


    • Computer skills: Experience with electronic medical records (Meditech, Cerner, EPIC) and proficient with Microsoft Office applications and nursing research databases.
    • Research experience with nursing faculty in mental health.
    • Completed 130 hours during preceptorship in the Emergency Department.
    • Clinical rotations include medical/surgical, long-term care, rehabilitation, OR, PACU, GI lab, outpatient mental health, CCU, ICU, labor and delivery, antepartum, postpartum, NICU, pediatrics, and hospice home health.


    • Dragonstone Department of Health Services Dragonstone, CA Caregiver October 2011 - Present Assisted client with activities of daily living

    • Winterfell Ale House Winterfell, CA Server July 2010 - September 2011 Took and facilitated orders while providing optimal customer service in fast-paced environment


    • Kings Landing Pantry, Winterfell, CA August 2012 - Present
    • Alliance for Community Peace, Winterfell, CA March 2011 - November 2011
    • The Raptor Center, Winterfell, CA January 2008 - July 2010


    • XXXXX Student Nurses Association January 2011 - November 2012
    • National Student Nurses Association January 2011 - December 2012
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    I have never used a qualification summary on my resume so I can't really comment on that part but I think the rest of it is fine. It's clear and consise.
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    There are currently two approaches to to boast skills...more CV style and one that boasts experience. Please let me know if you are still looking for advice and I can send you mine. All the best!
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    Thanks! I ended up getting a job offer a month later. In the end, my manager told me it was me dressing in a suit and printing it on nice paper (not computer paper) that really sealed the deal. Hopefully, it will be a while before I'm job hunting again.

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