Need REAL feedback, new grad resume

  1. trying again since i cannot add resume as an attachment, i have to copy & paste it here.

    i am a new grad and requesting some serious feedback for my resume. please give me all feedback you have, good or bad, and don't hold back! i take criticism well and greatly appreciate all the help i can get!

    full name (xxx)xxx-xxxx
    home address

    professional summary
    newly graduated, passionate and enthusiastic nurse with 7 years of emergency and acute care experience as an emergency room technician and a certified nursing assistant ii. maintain strong reputation for achieving high levels of patient satisfaction, ensuring high standards of competent care for a wide variety of patients with diverse needs utilizing "best practice" approaches to procedures. team oriented, although, functions at a quality level as an individual. possess quality communication skills, and hold command of self in stressful situations. self-directed with astute judgment skills. high level of personal accountability as well as highly organized and flexible.
    looking for a position within a high-quality facility known for its commitment to innovative processes and to the holistic well-being of patients, families and the community.
    skill highlights
    - clinical experience

    - er experience

    - advanced cardiac life support (acls) certification

    - palliative care

    - patient evaluation/intervention

    - conducting full and focused physical assessments

    - taking patient histories

    - computerized charting

    - iv drug therapy management

    - wound cleaning/care

    - patient positioning

    - feeding assistance

    - specimen collection/processing

    - mobility assistance

    - colostomy care

    - indwelling catheter insertion/removal

    - body mechanics

    - safely administering iv, im, sq and oral medications

    - following strict infection control standards
    - strong clinical judgment

    - consistently utilizes best practices

    - accurate, prompt documentation skills

    - self-directed

    - proactive

    - patient/family focused

    - professional, therapeutic bedside manner

    - prioritizing/managing deadlines

    - strong organizational skills

    - holistic health and wellness

    - emphasizes quality

    - problem resolution

    - competent clinical procedures

    - culturally competent care

    - strong medical ethic

    - enthusiastic caregiver

    - customer service

    - efficient with emphasis on stewardship

    - encourages and maintains professional relationships and communication
    registered nurse (licensure pending application process)
    advanced cardiac life support (acls) certification <04/2012>

    scheduled courses
    tncc - trauma nurse core course (9/18/12)
    pediatric life support (pals) certification (09/2012)
    professional experience
    emergency room technician company name & location october, 2009 to june, 2012
    skilled in code/trauma patients. proficient cpr performance. proficient in wound irrigation, splinting of extremities, and suture/staple removal. perform hourly rounding of patients, including obtaining, documenting and reporting vital signs. perform, document and report istat troponin lab test. cerner, mckesson and health sync charting system proficiency. assist air link critical care transport with patient transfers. ekg skills, with knowledge of abnormal findings. performed all tasks with a patient-centered focus while seeking opportunities for improvement of processes and treatments. liaised between patients, nurses and physicians to ensure patient comprehension of treatment plans. ensured hipaa compliance. evaluated patient care needs, prioritized treatment and maintained patient flow. frequently assigned to orient new employees. coordinated with doctors and registered nurses to develop care plans for patients. actively participated in unit-based practice committee. sound, ethical and independent decision-making ability consistent with medical protocols. assisted patients with daily functions. recorded, documented and reported fluid intake and output levels. worked to develop and implement patient safety committee as part of a team to ensure proper care of body mechanics, use of safety equipment and promote safety of staff and patients.
    awarded employee of the month twice.
    certified nursing assistant ii company name & location june, 2006 to october, 2009
    assisted nursing staff with patient care, aiding and encouraging activities of daily living with assigned patients. obtaining and accurately documenting vital signs as scheduled and reporting abnormal values to primary nurse. proficiency in safe patient transfer and mobility. maintained a professional and safe work environment for all patients, guests and staff. recognize/report and record observations and care given. give clear directions and reinforce teaching to patients and families regarding basic health care needs. follows directions in the delivery of care, within scope of practice. promote patient independence, respects privacy, and maintains patients' rights to decide about care and promptly reports findings. technical skills include maintaining competency in supportive care for the patient, operates equipment safely and properly, and carries out nursing orders within the scope of practice of the cna. participate in departmental committee dedicated to evaluating and improving practices. participate in hospital-wide safety committee that evaluates and assists meeting joint commission standards.
    certified nursing assistant company name & location march, 2006 to september, 2006
    assisted nursing staff with patient care, aiding and encouraging activities of daily living with assigned patients. obtaining and accurately documenting vital signs as scheduled and reporting abnormal values to primary nurse. proficiency in safe patient transfer and mobility. maintained a professional and safe work environment for all residents and nursing staff.
    certified nursing assistant company name & location june, 2005 to september, 2005
    home health aide, assisting patients with adjustment from hospitalization/rehab to home while healing. assisting and encouraging activities of daily living and mobility, while maintaining safety and security.
    self-employed home preschool provider company name & location january, 2001 to june, 2005
    initiate and manage own business, including accounting. plan and execute activities to meet the physical, emotional, academic and social needs of the children in the program. make sure equipment and the facility are clean, well maintained and protected at all times. provide daily, weekly, and monthly to-do list of activities. develop culturally suitable and diverse programs and activities. develop activities that utilize and promote math and literacy concepts. set up policies and procedures including suitable behavior and discipline practices. be recognizable with emergency procedures. provide nourishing snacks and lunches. provide sufficient equipment and activities.
    trainer company name & location december, 1997 to january, 2001
    planned, implemented and directed training activities and programs for inbound call center. managed special projects for customer service areas. developed and implemented employee training. formulated and established processes and procedures and conducted training sessions on call monitoring. designed and distributed learning tools and visual work aids. highly involved in creating and executing quality assurance program through call monitoring and guiding agent development and improvement. served as escalation point for customer concerns and queries and assisted with inbound call volume.
    associate of applied science in nursing college & city 2012
    graduated with honors, dean's list each term, completed clinical rotations on med-surg unit, telemetry unit, family birthing unit, and ortho-neuro unit. specialized capstone experience in emergency department.
    bachelor of applied science in nursing college & city currently enrolled
    currently enrolled. expected graduation september, 2013.
    previous er manager er doctor nursing program chair or

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  3. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    The resume needs to be more condensed. Take out some of the skills highlights. Some are repetitive. Try to use specific highlights instead of general ones. Good luck.
  4. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    Did you try saving it as a Microsoft Word Document (.doc) and attaching it? It would be much easier to review if we could see it in the document form.

    I will say from a quick look at it that: (A) your "Skill Highlights" section is too long; (B) get rid of the "Reference" section because it's not necessary on your resume; (C) the descriptions for your previous positions are a bit lengthy as well. I would say overall that your use of language, grammar and syntax is professional and appropriate but your resume needs to be more condensed and to the point.

    If you can upload it on a post as a .doc then other users can take a look at it as well. I hope you are able to upload the document.