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  1. [FONT=Baskerville]I graduated November 2011, have still not been hired, and would be so grateful for any tips/advice on my resume. I took an opportunity to volunteer as a nurse in Haiti and have been here for three months while still applying to nursing jobs in the US. The organization has now hired me in Communications, as their data asset manager, so I can make an income and continue to do what I love, NURSING! So I work 4 days a week and volunteer two 12 hour shifts at Haiti's critical care hospital. The reason I put "volunteer" under experience is because I am doing everything a paid RN would be doing.



    [FONT=Baskerville]Toobtain a Registered Nurse position where I will be able to use mycritical thinking, assessment and organizational skills to providesafe and effective patient care.

    [FONT=Baskerville]Bachelorof Science in Nursing, November 2011
    [FONT=Baskerville]SamuelMerritt University, San Francisco, CA
    [FONT=Baskerville]Bachelorof Arts in Fine Arts, June 2008
    [FONT=Baskerville]Universityof California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

    [FONT=Baskerville]Preceptorship:California Pacific Medical Center, Medical-Surgical Unit [FONT=Baskerville]120Hours
    [FONT=Baskerville]SaintFrancis Memorial Hospital, Psychiatric 120 Hours
    [FONT=Baskerville]WaldenHouse Treatment Program, Community Health 120 Hours
    [FONT=Baskerville]KaiserPermanente, San Francisco, Pediatrics 120 Hours
    [FONT=Baskerville]SaintLukes Memorial Hospital, Labor and Delivery, Postpartum, NICU 120Hours
    [FONT=Baskerville]CaliforniaPacific Medical Center, Neuro/Trauma ICU and Critical Care Units 120 Hours
    [FONT=Baskerville]SanFrancisco General Hospital, Medical-Surgical and Telemetry 240Hours

    [FONT=Baskerville]RegisteredNurse Volunteer- Hospital Bernard Mevs, Project Medishare, Port AuPrince, Haiti 10/12-Present
    [FONT=Baskerville]MedicalSurgical Unit, Triage, Pediatrics, Emergency
    [FONT=Baskerville]-Collaboratewith a team of Haitian staff and International Medical Volunteers todeliver
    [FONT=Baskerville]qualityhealth care to the Haitian population at Haiti's only critical carehospital

    [FONT=Baskerville]DataAsset Manager, Communications, J/P Haitian Relief Organization 01/2013-Present
    [FONT=Baskerville]-Optimizeworkflow in the Communications Department using my organizationalskills and
    [FONT=Baskerville]knowledgeof computer data systems

    [FONT=Baskerville]RegisteredNurse Volunteer- Ti Kay Haiti, TB Clinic, General Hospital, Port AuPrince, Haiti January 2013
    [FONT=Baskerville]-Collaboratedwith and supported Dr. Megan Coffee to provide quality health care to
    [FONT=Baskerville]Tuberculosisand HIV patients

    [FONT=Baskerville]RegisteredNurse Volunteer- J/P Haitian Relief Organization, Port Au Prince,Haiti 10/12- 12/2013
    [FONT=Baskerville]Triage,Wound Care, Vaccine Assessment/Administration, Community Outreach,Education
    [FONT=Baskerville]-NurseEducator at Chronic Disease Clinic- Hypertension, Diabetes
    [FONT=Baskerville]-YouthEducator at Community Center- HIV, Diabetes

    [FONT=Baskerville]Volunteer,Medical-Surgical Unit, San Francisco General Hospital 03/2012- 08/2012

    [FONT=Baskerville]Volunteer,Emergency Room, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital 11/2011-03/2012

    [FONT=Baskerville]RegisteredNurse, State of Florida Expires 09/14
    [FONT=Baskerville]RegisteredNurse, State of California Expires 09/13
    [FONT=Baskerville]AdvancedCardiac Life Support, American Heart Association Expires 04/14
    [FONT=Baskerville]BasicLife Support for Healthcare Providers, American Heart Association Expires 04/14
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    Objective: should reflect the value you will bring to the organization.

    Experience should be next.

    Also check spacing and punctuation, also I know that may have gotten funky when you cut and pasted.
  4. by   KelRN215
    Personally, I view objectives to be outdated on resumes. Everyone knows you're applying to a job because you want a job. Experience belongs first if you have true RN experience. Also, the most recent experience should be listed first so your current position belongs on top.

    The spacing was the biggest thing that jumped out at me, but thay may have been a formatting issue when you pasted it here. If not, double check that in the original document.