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I am worried that my e-mail address isn't acceptable. It is the following: ++ @ There are no periods or underscores anywhere. I am worried about the two numbers that appear after the letters. Are numbers okay? I... Read More

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    Quote from Miiki
    I've held an "" address for a long time. An email sent to '' will not reach my inbox.
    Try registering "miikismith" w/o the period as a Gmail name. It won't be available.

    Gmail does ignore the period...I get tons of spam on one of my user accounts because of that. Not sure if other e-mail services do the same though.
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    I was thoroughly wrong.

    It makes me think now. You can have a large combination of email addresses that deliver to the same account based on where and how many periods you place. I can definitely think of some misuse there.
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    Numbers that are included in an email address are not what HR is talking about when you hear about "unprofessional email addresses". I use two email address, one for professional/business purposes and one for when I need to register for shipping websites, etc. I don't have RN in my name at all because I don't want everyone to know I'm an RN, especially when I'm responding to sales on Craig's List, etc.

    Example of professional:

    Example of Unprofessional:

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