Experienced RN resume review

  1. Yikes! Applying to my first new job in five years and would really appreciate some resume feedback. There's so much conflicting advice out there about what to include/not include, how to format, etc. Sorry about the formatting wonkiness, I promise it looks better in Word.

    Jane Smith, RN, BSN

    XYZ St, London, UK / email@address.com
    11111111 (US cell.) / 00000000 (UK cell.)

    Neonatal nurse with X years’ tertiary-level bedside, charge, and precepting experience.

    ABC Hospital, London, UK
    Start date-present
    Senior staff nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), level III/IV, XX beds; teaching hospital, YYY beds
    · Rotating responsibility as charge nurse for 12-20 beds within unit.
    · Precept nursing students and staff nurses transitioning to higher-acuity roles.
    · Promote reduction of infection rates through membership of nursing-led central line dressing change team. Helped draft guideline for management of central line dressings.
    · Support trainee doctors and students of other disciplines.

    XYZ Agency, London, UK
    Start date-End date
    Travel nurse, NICU
    Provided total care to 1-4 patients depending on acuity, in tertiary-level neonatal units, primarily at ABC Hospital (start date-end date). Functioned autonomously after very brief orientation to unit. Volunteered for training in tasks considered medical jobs in the UK (e.g. IV insertion, central line redressing) to maintain nursing skills and promote timely patient care.

    HGI Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
    Start date-End date
    Clinical nurse, NICU, level III/IV, XX beds; teaching hospital, YYY beds
    Provided total care to 1-2 critically and chronically ill preterm and term neonates and infants up to 1 year old. Attended delivery and resuscitation of newborns as early as 23 weeks’ gestation. Created and implemented nursing plan of care along with physician orders for full range of neonatal conditions, including hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, persistent pulmonary hypertension, surgical conditions, and congenital anomalies including cardiac defects. Provided parent education on infant care. Administered medications accurately. Voted “Star of the Month” by coworkers for dedicated, compassionate care.

    EDUCATION So-and-so College, Somewhere
    Completion date
    Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, cum laude

    Extra University, London, UK
    Completion date
    Mentorship module

    Registered Nurse, State, exp. Dec. 2018
    Registered Nurse, United Kingdom, exp. Jan. 2018
    AHA Basic Life Support, exp. July 2019
    UK Resuscitation Council Newborn Life Support, exp. Nov. 2019
    Member, American Association of Critical Care Nurses, 2010-present
    AACN CCRN, Neonatal, 2010-2013 (currently lapsed as working in UK)


    Electronic medical record software (Essentris, BadgerNet); Pyxis, Omnicell; Microsoft Office, Paint.net (Photoshop analogue)