Emailing Nursing Recruiters?

  1. I was just wondering should I email nurse recruiters after I applied online? If yes, what do I say? I know a few people that have done it and they were successful in getting a job before the interviewing process.
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  3. by   RN403
    You could tell them what position you applied for, why you are interested, and what qualities you can bring to the table. Attach your rsum and cover letter.
  4. by   NewYorkerGirl
    I emailed them to follow up on applications when I didn't get an answer, or to update them when I received my license. It scored me one interview, so it's worth a try.
  5. by   luckyberries
    Where can you look for nurse recruiters' emails? I don't know if this is the right place to ask. I can find some online and if I call human resources but I feel like they're reluctant to give it to me. Today I emailed Dallas methodist's recruiter and she forwarded it to the correct person but I feel like not everyone is that nice.

    Thank you for answering my questions, I"m so stressed out about landing a job its crazy.
  6. by   abalone
    Depending on the hospital, it can be very difficult to find HR contact information. Obviously search their webpage. Next try Goggle "nurse recruiter, xxx medical center, human resources, etc". LinkedIn can also be of use, especially if you "subscribe" to the hospital of interest. Sometimes they have recruiters attached to job posting and you can then search/Google their contact information.

    If I don't have any friends working at the hospital and have still been unable to locate HR contact info: If it is a larger hospital, I've been known to call the operator and have them transfer me. If you are nervous about reaching an actual human being (trust me, I get it, at first these "cold calls" can be hard), then call after hours and leave a clear concise message (sound professional; you can rehears or write down what you are going to say). (This can also be used for contacting nurse recruiters). I guess, you can also just have the operator give you the email address (but, I've never tried this).

    You can also ask the operator for the contact information (name and mailing address) of the nurse manager of the unit you are interested in working on. Others may disagree, but I've found the easiest way to obtain this information is to tell the operator you want to send a "thank you letter" to the nurse manager of xxx unit (you don't normally need to explain, often they just assume you are the family member of a patient). Then send a thoughtful "pain letter" (snazzy term for a type of cover letter) and a resume by mail. <--- some people will tell you "never" to contact the hiring managers directly but I've had really good success getting responses this way (even from managers that aren't interested but still like my enthusiasm and respond with nice emails and suggestions. Wayyyyy better than straight rejection!).

    As for what to say: the above responses are good. You can also say you are interested in learning about the "timeline" for interviews or the interview process.
  7. by   luckyberries
    thank you everyone for you insight!