Do I add shadow experience to my new grad resume?

  1. I was placed in oncology for my preceptorship but want an ED position. Most ED jobs require that you've had clinical experience in ED or have at least 1 year experience. I've started to do 12 hour shadowing shifts at a level one trauma center. I'd like to include this in my resume, should I? If so where do I put it and how do I list it? I will be applying for the hospital I am shadowing at as well as out of state hospitals. Advice?

    So far on my resume I have:
    Personal Info
    Clinical Experience
    Professional Experience
    Volunteer Experience
    Activities (memberships)
    Accomplishments (Awards/honors)
    Professional Enrichment (additional courses/conferences)

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   kelsonsa
    So I talked with Ascension Health + Beaumont HR and they said to add the shadowing experience to the resume for future new grads looking at this post. I just created an additional section: Observation Experience. They also said it could be mentioned in the cover letter.
  4. by   Amethya
    If you are a new grad student, one thing I was told from an interview that I should add my 7+ years of retail experience because it looks good to them, it means I have the experience how to deal with customers and can work around situations like dealing with angry patients and such. So don't ignore those old jobs, even if you don't remember the manager's name, you can always add the number of the location if you want to.