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Before I get to the point of this post I would like to thank everyone in advance for taking the time to read this and reply with some feedback. Any criticism would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Iíll try and keep the post as... Read More

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    May i suggest, a few changes in the order of your items. I got these from recruiters, HR managers when I could get them to look at my resumes. Definetly put your title because I had one recruiter ask me so what are you LPN or RN can't tell. In a way all new grads are alike zero exp and want a job. So you must do something to separate yourself. Use expensive resume paper, send thank you letters, give weekly/bi weekly phone calls, practice interviewing so it flows. Eh NYC is so saturated so every recruiter has thier own preferences BUT i find that this format works best for most. I write 2 resumes one designed for computer scanning and another meant for human eyes.

    Name, R.N. (size 16 font).
    contact info

    work/volunteer exp
    nursing skills
    computer skills
    Associatoin memberships
    language skills

    I'd suggest leaving out the entire line refernces avaliable becuse well it is aailable why waste space. AND I do not include references because one if they're intersted I'd immediately fax it over and #2 I do not want my refernces contacted unless they're seriously interested in me aka call me in for an interview first. I'll bring it then. I protect my references from being unecssarily bothered because they're busy people so only employers who are willing to interview me will have access to that info, nor do i want employers to reserach me before hand
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    I wouldn't ever say "references available on request". That's unnecessary and a waste of space. Also, your cover letter is quite generic. You want to include something in your cover letter that is going to make the recruiter want to read your resume. For example, was there a particular experience in one of your clinicals that you could highlight? Did you work as an extern? Based on the organization's values, mission, does that resonate with you?
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    I just wanted to ask if you are truly comfortable with the possibility that with the information you have given, there is a chance that someone might be able to identify you. Someone recently posted an article on AllNurses that speaks of some of the undesirable outcomes that have happened to certain members when they have been identified through their posts. I don't know if you are a new member, but I know you can edit your post for a certain time if you have an unpaid membership; I believe if you want to edit your post after that time period you have to contact the help desk.

    I can see by the info provided we live like 1 town away from each other

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