ADN w/ BS in other field going for MSN in 1 year. List on resume.

  1. I just received my ADN and passed NCLEX-RN. Waiting on State for license number.

    I have a previous B.S. in another field.

    The school I intend on going to for MSN wants me to work 1 year before I start the program.

    So many hospitals say they want BSN but they do tend to be forgiving of that if you have a B.S. in another field. One hospital HR person I spoke with said they are actually changing their standard ad of BSN required to B.S. required because they know these students will easily get their BSN, or like me their MSN, and don't want to lose potential talent.

    Anyway, I have not officially started program and can't for 1 year. How can I show this on resume and not get accused of lying? I want to show plan, show where I'm going with all of this but don't want a mess like the CEO of Yahoo.
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  3. by   NewGoalRN
    I don't think that you can legitmately put that on your resume. The only time you can put it on your resume is when u are accepted and start your first term then you can list:

    MSN May,2016

    with the anticipated completion date. Now, you can put your plans in your cover letter. That would be the appropriate place to put it.