3rd year Nursing Student: Adding clinical skills to externship resume?

  1. Hi,

    I'm applying for a summer internship program at a hospital in the emergency and/or surgical.

    My resume is formatted as follows:
    Education and Training
    (Current, Past education and CPR certificates)
    Clinical Experience
    (Hospital, Placement, Dates, hours)
    Relevant Experience
    (I have quite a bit of health care experience, which exhibits leadership and knowledge)

    I am currently at 1 and 1/2 - 3/4 pages, which i feel is already long.

    My question is should I add the skills I have learned in each placement? or make a section after clinical experience called "Clinical Summary"?

    The only reason I ask this is because this clinical summary list could go on forever, as I could state focused assessments, wound care, procedures, medications administration, accountability (obviously a bit more descriptive)

    Some guidance would be great.

    Also this is for a externship in Ontario, Canada

    Thank you
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  3. by   Inori
    okies as fellow new grad resumes should be kept to 1 pg and font size no smaller than 12, leave margins at 1inch or no smaller than 0.75in because if they need to copy it stuff isnt' cut off at edges. Work experience you can put in volunteer and 1-2 jobs with max of 10 yr work history, clinical rotation section lists your clinical sites and what you did there. look up other new grad resumes and see thier format. Otherwise as new grad nurse you do not have nursing RN/LPN exp so cannot justify having multi page resume. and dont' over emphasize leadership skills unless you're interviewing for a leadership position ...you're the new person there.
  4. by   lauraeduquette
    Can I ask what hospital you applied to?
  5. by   murseinthemaking
    I know this is a dead thread, but @Inori is dead wrong. 1-page resumes are no longer the norm. If you have experience in anything (i.e. if you were a second-degree student w/ a work history showcasing various skill sets) then of course include them! Just don't go too crazy w/ the page length...