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    Classes start on August 1st yes. I am not sure what other dates are available for orientation, but call the school and ask to be transfer to the nursing department so you can ask about ways to register for the classes. They usually have several orientation dates when I started last year I chose the last one in July however I came to Puerto Rico to register in May of last year.

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    Thanks again,
    I'm going to try to give them a call again tomorrow to see about registering.
    Hopefully I can get through to them.
    I appreciate all the help
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    Go to my profile page - i have the links there. the terms of service with this site does not allow me to post fb or websites.. on the forum.. sorry

    Quote from Cali_girl2014
    Is there any way possible you can copy paste the link to the page? All i found was an actual person with that name and they have 24 friends..i sent a friend request. That is not it right?
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    Quote from Evo5
    I am doing the accelerated one. I can't come on June 21 because of work, is there any other way to register? I'd like to do it ASAP so I can to get a better schedule.

    Also, do you know when the first classes start? Is it August 1?
    They don't really tell you anything at all on the acceptance letter..

    Thank you..

    There's an academic calender online which gives you all those details http://www.metro.inter.edu/calendario/201513.pdf
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    Hi lstsmile,
    Thanks for your help..

    One other quick question about the documents we need to get (Hep B, CPR, Health Cert, Police Check etc etc). In the manual they gave me, it states that they must be handed in the first week of class, but I also remember hearing that we have a year to get all these done. Do you know if I have to have evertyhing done by August 1 in order to attend classes, or will we be given more time? I just arrived in PR and am trying hard to get all done as quick as possible..

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    You will definitely have enough time to get all of your documents together. On your first day of clinical, your prof will be able to tell you the deadline in which everything should be turned in. Please don't stress yourself out in trying to get those documents for August 1. You will need all those documents listed, yes, but you have time. (Usually the professors made us turn in those documents 2-3+ weeks into the trimester)
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    Thanks so much.. it definitely would've been pretty stressful trying to get all that by Aug 1.
    Thank you for your help

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