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Hello..I'm hoping to move to Guam next year and work as a nurse. Can anyone tell me how it is over there? What is it like to work as a civilian at a military hospital? Any information would be... Read More

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    Hi Kali RN. I'm have a job offer in the ER IN Guam and was wanting a person with first hand experience to ask some questions to. My email is
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    Hi I'm a CMSRN BSN has charge nurse experience 6 years a RN at a trauma hospital. I've been looking for job offers at Guam online but having a hard time. Any links guys? I have a California RN license.
    And how is it at Guam as a RN. And how is the pay. A Facebook account of someone who works as a RN there would help as well. I'm really interested in moving there.

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