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Hello..I'm hoping to move to Guam next year and work as a nurse. Can anyone tell me how it is over there? What is it like to work as a civilian at a military hospital? Any information would be helpful.... Read More

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    I just wanted to state that I find this thread even at old as it is a tremendous source of misinformation. While I believe any person moving to a new location should visit before moving and creating a life and career there, Guam is a US Territory and there are no tremendous infrastructure issues. Google searching for articles written by people who have never set foot on the island is no more accurate then other people who have posted here and never seen the island. Saipan is a lovely place, but it is NOT one and the same with Guam. Let me give you the truth in what has been stated here. Guam, much like the Philippines, does experience typhoons and some have been extremely devastating to the island. Causing massive property damage and loss of electricity and even water for some time after the devastation. It's tragic, but keep in mind these are storms much larger than Hurricane Katrina and there is no loss of life. In 1993, an earthquake estimated at 8.0 occurred, not a single life was lost, and only one building (an uninhabited hotel) had enough structural damage to have to be red tagged and subsequently destroyed. Think of the tragic earthquakes on the mainland and overseas in the 6.5-7.0 range. This is for two primary reasons. The first is location, Guam is above the Marianas Trench, the deepest area of the Pacific Ocean, so there was some difference in the manner in which the tremors occurred. Second because of our constant typhoons, almost all homes are built with deep foundations and made of concrete. Unlike some of the Gulf Coast, where rebuilding must occur post hurricane, these home withstand large amounts of weather. It is possible that the poster spoke to nurses in the aftermath of a particularly devastating typhoon (this is not an annual occurrence - never once was my home or any of my family members flooded).

    I am posting because I honestly felt disrespected. I was born in California, lived on Guam for approximately 10 years, it is home in my heart. If you want to discuss some of the issues at GMH, I would be happy to PM anyone who searches and find this post, it is far from the ideal hospital. However, I do not want this post to go unanswered when there are so few on this site about Guam. I have been to underdeveloped countries, Guam is not underdeveloped. Is may not be up to par with certain standards, but the military members I have spoken to often remember this fondly, people - things - are simpler - slower. If you ever been outside of Waikiki in the areas of Hawaii where just the locals are - you may know what I mean. But that's why you should visit - everyone speaks English - so it would be an easy visit to make. I hope this helps anyone reading this post even though I am sure the OP long ago made a decision. So much information is dispelled about Guam, about snakes running rampant (not true - not even close - I assure you many of who lived there their whole lives have never even seen one). Guam is sort of mysterious to some, this tiny little island out there in the South Pacific, a U.S. Territory. It's like many things that people never get to experience, it's rumored about, but poorly understood. Thank you for reading my vent
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    Hi KaliRN,
    I'd like to ask you a few questions, but I'm not sure how to PM. Can you PM me or email me at My husband and I are interested in moving to Guam- he's a teacher and I'm a nurse.
    Thanks so much!
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    Amen to that kali! Thank you for postting about our beautiful island Guam! I no longer live there, but I miss that place with all. My heart. Most of my families are still living there. I was 13 when that earthquake occured and experiennce some fantasitc typhoons! I honestly loved the storms... To me, it meant family and friends gathering together to lend a helping hand. I even made rice in a bbq
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