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Hello..I'm hoping to move to Guam next year and work as a nurse. Can anyone tell me how it is over there? What is it like to work as a civilian at a military hospital? Any information would be... Read More

  1. by   Karissa_RN
    Hi Kali RN. I'm have a job offer in the ER IN Guam and was wanting a person with first hand experience to ask some questions to. My email is
  2. by   Janray119
    Hi I'm a CMSRN BSN has charge nurse experience 6 years a RN at a trauma hospital. I've been looking for job offers at Guam online but having a hard time. Any links guys? I have a California RN license.
    And how is it at Guam as a RN. And how is the pay. A Facebook account of someone who works as a RN there would help as well. I'm really interested in moving there.
  3. by   anursedad
    Guam is a small island in the Pacific Region, island life is more laid back and simple living with direct flights to Manila and Japan, Souteast Asia is just very close by for short trips.

    Try searching for Guam Regional Medical City and Guam Memorial Hospital Websites - they post their vacancies there and you will be able to get in touch with them through their website/email
  4. by   apkjames
    How long is the process for rn endorsement? I' from HI
  5. by   VersatileRN
    I'm an RN happily looking into Travel Positions in Guam!