How many NURSING classes are "normal" to take in a quarter semester program?

  1. Hello all!!! =]

    I am attending UMET a bilingual University in Puerto Rico for nursing school and they are set up in what the call "PT". They work in quarter semester so they each last about 8 weeks.

    Now, when I went to register for classes on Thursday, they director gave me two nursing classes to take from August-September with a gen, ed class of Comp. and from October-December she gave me one class with a lab (Nursing Fundamentals). She said after the 8 weeks in this course we will be able to go to the hospital.

    I just want to know if this seems like its not much? Maybe I'm so used to semester and taking 12 credits. Can someone please help! =]

    I feel like I should be taking more classes per quarter semester but then again its only 8 weeks.
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  3. by   Yara777
    Hi Jenn, I am interested in applying for UMET, can you tell me when classes start? For the jan12 semester.
  4. by   Yara777
    I meant jan 13 semester.
  5. by   Jen_Jen88
    I believe like mid january around the 19 ish
  6. by   Graduation2016
    Jen_jen: I attend Turabo at the Orlando campus in Florida. I am currently in the nursing program as well still knocking out some general classes. For January I have and English class on Wednesdays (5 weeks) and chemistry Thursdays with lab on Fridays (8 weeks). Then in the summer I have 3 classes, 1 for each PT and I'm trying to get 3 more so I can get rid of most the English and Spanish annoying classes. In the fall I will be able to start fundamentals (15 weeks), pharmacology and patophysiology. I believe those are 5 weeks long, not sure. I know it's a tight schedule but I'm so motivated. Can't wait until May 2015! Good luck!
  7. by   Graduation2016
    Jen_jen: Ana g. Mendez has an specific schedule for all PT's. have you talked to an advisor? In out campus I met with the nursing coordinator and she made my plan of studies.
  8. by   Graduation2016
    I checked my notes and pharmacology and patophysiology are 10 weeks each not 5.
  9. by   Jen_Jen88
    hey mom2banurse. I'm actually set to graduate next year May. l didn't know there.was a turabo in orlando. is it accredited?
  10. by   Graduation2016
    Ops! I didn't realize the date of your post! Haha. Yes. The program is accredited. Turabo is the school running it instead of UMET as they do in PR. They started it here in Fl this past January but the first group starting NURS courses does not really start until the summer. Most of these students had very little pre-reqs to complete. I was lucky enough to get at least 12 credits transferred. Congratulations on your graduation! Are you staying in PR after you graduate?
  11. by   Jen_Jen88
    Yea I knew there was a UMET in Orlando and a Turabo in Miramar but didnt know there was one in Orlando. The one here in Caguas is accredited. I'm bilingual as well but it's because I choose to lol I want to finish but normally they try to give us all english classes especially now that more english speaking students came. I'm taking from Jan-March Maternity (8 weeks) Nursing Board Review (8 weeks) then March-May I'll be taking Peds (8 weeks) and Nursing research self study (hopefully lol). About 30 something classes were transfered and this semester I took 21 credits (NEVER AGAIN) lol 21 credits plus my internship twice a week is crazy!! And NOOO NNOO NOOOOO lol I will NOT be staying here lol. It's no my cup of tea lol. I love the island but I miss my home back in Fl. I may try to get in the VA in tampa so lets see.
  12. by   Graduation2016
    Jen_jen: maternal and peds are 15 weeks long over here. In PR they have a few less claases than here being that our degree is a "bilingual" one I guess. Smart move to come back to the US. From what I hear The salary for RN's in PR is a shame and if it's true, I almost consider it insulting. Good luck! And yes, the Orlando campus has all 3 schools, UMET, UT and Universidad del Este.
  13. by   Jen_Jen88
    Yes they pay like $2500 a month I've herd. The VA is the best paying hospital because it's federal.
  14. by   88nursinglove88
    hi, i did my lpn here in miami.... how long wouldthe rn bsn be?

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