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  1. 0 I am not a RN yet, but was just curious about travel nursing. Do any of the travel companies do anything down in the caribean? Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, ect........
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    they specialize in placing rns in the usvi, but alot of travel companies insist on 1-2 years of nursing experience.

    good luck!

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    Have you used them theresa b or do you know of someone who has? Interesting to me is that they have Travel Nursing positions in Ireland.
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    Look closely at what they have posted, it is not a travel position as we have in the US. It is a one year contract, plus you still need to go thru all of the licensing requirements, which can be more than 6 months for there, as well as immigration. That will be about a year total, if you are not a resident of the EU.
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    I'm currently speaking with them re: an assignment in st croix. It would be for 13 weeks and the licensing for the usvi takes 4-6 weeks. they pay extremely well (over 1000/wk tax free) but all housing is out of pocket. there are up sides and down sides and my husband and I are weighing all our options.

    have a great day!

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    So, has anyone gone to the Carribean as a traveler that we could hear from? It would be nice to compare notes.

    I am not familiar with World Wide Staffing; what is your empression of them theresa b?
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    I have accepted a 13 week assignment with worldwide travel staffing in St. Croix. 13 weeks, double my present salary. I just need to talk with someone about the hospital. What it's like there. Likes, dislikes, etc.
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    Fair warning. The islands are a LOT different than stateside nursing. Be prepared for 1. "laid-back" attitude (read that as don't give a *****, 2. Lack of supplies or available when you need them, 3. Utilities (one of the hospitals on St. Thomas shuts it's hot water down at 9 pm).

    Frankly, you will be practicing in a third world country so be ready. Staffing usually isn't a problem....but their attitudes are. "manana is soon enough".
    Otherwise it's a blast.

    Taxfree???? Check your IRS regs about out of the country. USVI is just that!! US Virgin Islands. They are part of the US and depedig on the money setup can sometimes be exempt from taxes and sometimes you still need to pay IRS.

    OBTW, did you know that if you take a 26 week assignment, you can opt out of Social Security as well? That's an automatic 7.5% raise.

    Good Luck (and talk to your tax adviser...don't believe the recruiter).

    Hidin' in the Smokies
    "The Wolf"
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    Thanks all, I just wanna be some where warm. Seems like a cool place to see. I got a while to think about it.
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    My boyfriend and I were just offered a 13 week assignment in St. Thomas. Does anyone have any experience over there that they would like to share?
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    good evening, I just came across your post. Tell me did you complete the assignment and how was it. Which hospital did you work? Which travel company did you work for? I hope that you are still on this site.

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    @SC Greywolf

    As you yourself pointed out, the USVI is U.S. It is NOT a third world country nor can it fairly be compared to one. There is only one hospital on St. Thomas. True, the equipment is not the latest, and supplies though available, are limited. However, it is no less than many rural hospitals on the mainland!
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    I was submitted for a travel position in the caribean (forget what island now)... but it was a 4hr time difference and my agency kept telling me they would call... but never did. I was hoping that position would come through so I could work and enjoy relaxation too. I've been told they work on their own pace, and with the time difference it could make it hard to get the actual position.