Zosyn over 4 hrs - page 2

At my hospital we used to infuse Zosyn (2.225, 3.375, and 4.5GM) mixed with 50mL of NS over 30 minutes. Recently our hospital has changed protocol to infuse 3.375GM with 100mL of NS over 4 hrs. At... Read More

  1. by   turnforthenurse
    No matter the concentration (2.225, 3.375, or 4.5GM) the order always states to give Zosyn over 30 minutes, even with renal patients. Frequency is usually Q6H or Q8H.
  2. by   musicnursing
    One of my coworkers the other night had a pt that had a continous Zosyn infusion. As it wasn't my pt, I don't know all the details, but she's a new grad and asked me if I'd ever heard of that. From what I understand, it was dose of 13.5grams infused over 24 hours and then started all over again. This was a Lung Ca/Breast Ca pt with mets; however was at our facility with UTI/Sepsis and had drains everywhere.. JP for the cancer to the breast, 2 chest tubes (one on either side) a Mediport and double lumen PICC line, as well as high flow O2, Foley cath, and PCA hooked up. Really, she was probably too high acuity for our floor, however the ICU was full so we ended up with this pt.