When pts demand pain meds AND are sedated

  1. this may seem like a basic question, but i'm pretty new to this and run into it a lot----what do you do when a patient demands more pain meds but are already sedated? and vital signs are stable? i imagine they may still be in pain while sedated, but i don't want to act in an unsafe manner either.
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  3. by   dudette10
    Can you define "sedated" in your context? In general, if you're talking about a patient who wakes up, is groggy, and requests pain meds, I would medicate the patient.
  4. by   Cauliflower
    yup, that's what i meant. i guess groggy is a better word.
  5. by   Sinman
    I agree with dudette10 if they are waking up requesting pain meds and their v/s are stable I would go ahead and give them what the Doctor had ordered them for pain
  6. by   loriangel14
    Where I work sedation and pain meds are usually given together.Yes, if a pt is getting sedation I would still medicate for pain if VS are stable.
  7. by   Cauliflower
    Thank you all for responding! I appreciate the help