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I am a new grad and still have a preceptor. On my third night of working, my preceptor fillout out a safety violation report on me and I do not know what to expect. I did not know that I needed to... Read More

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    I think your preceptor was being a bit harsh. You don't learn at nursing school (well at least I didn't!) that if you med is out of stock you go to pharmacy. That's the stuff you learn on the job. That's why you have clinical practice in the first place!
    When I graduated nursing there was no passing on to the registration authorities about any mistakes that people made during clinicals, or any reports. So don't worry. You pass, you pass. Stay strong!

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    [QUOTE=mikala3;6562740]I got an email that I have a meeting with my Nurse Manager this morning to discuss what happened.


    So, how did your meeting go?
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    Update, please!
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    I got written up for it. I am pretty angry at my preceptor.
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    You should have tracked your preceptor down. That said sometimes you just have to learn a harsh lesson and move on. You sure know what to do now so let it go. You will never make THAT particular mistake again.
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    Your preceptor was a jerk.
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    Quote from Nola009
    Your preceptor was a jerk.
    ...two years ago.
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