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I am currently an RN student doing med-surg clinicals (5th quarter). There is a patient who is to receive Vanc. through a PICC and it is scheduled for 9am. However last week he had an appointment and... Read More

  1. by   CoffeeRTC
    Sorry...I had to chuckle or LOL on this response. If I had to call the doc with every late med (In LTC) I should just sit at the desk and forget about passing the meds in the first place.

    The med was a once a day med..two hours wasn't going to hurt. What was the risk of not giving the med? Patients have appts and are always on and off of the floor. Try calling the doc every time a med is late because of this one.

    Quote from morte
    This is why I think the LPN is stuck in LPN/LTC land. In LTC, she would have to call doc and get an order to give it late, so that if the state audited that chart, they wouldn't get a "ding".