Pyxis (almost) nightmares. PLEASE be careful. - page 3

The Pyxis is a touchscreen, and we all know how sensitive touchscreens can be. Plus, there are many ways to go about pulling the med for the patient. Search by pt name, search by bed number, search by generic name, search by... Read More

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    my routine - after a near miss - is this. as soon as i have the drug in my hand after removing it from the drawer, i hold it up to the screen, compare the label to the screen and then say the name of the drug out loud. you are then engaging your eyes, ears, voice and hands in the process of drug verification.
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    The Pyxis should be reprogrammed to require a witness to pull something as dangerous as sux. That is how it is at our facility. Also, in my L&D unit, we have to have a witness to pull Mag and Pitocin for pregnant patients.
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    I have no idea why it was in our Pyxis, and I also had no idea it needs to be refrigerated. When we call Code Blue, one of the kits that the ICU nurse or RT brings contains sux (which is also not refrigerated), so why would floors need it available?
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    Because if there is more than one code going on - someone doesn't necessarily get the kit.
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