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I went into a a local store the other day to get a presription filled. I saw a sign that said basically get your flu, tetanus, meningitis, and other vaccinations right there. My first thought was... Read More

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    I've worked in a pharmacy for 8 years, although that is going to change in January when I start my first RN job.

    I'd trust our PIC to give me a shot before I would some nursing students, tbh! He has a crazy needle phobia and completely balked at the idea of giving injections for a long while. Both of our pharmacists tried to talk our pharmacy supervisor into letting me do the injections, as it would save them time and neither was very comfortable with the idea. Needless to say, that was shot down, lol (I was a vet tech for a few years, so even before RN school I had given MANY IM injections). If I stay on for a day or two a month after I graduate, I may be permitted to give the flu shots, but really? A deltoid injection isn't rocket science, and all of our pharmacists are trained in BLS.
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    Quote from netglow
    Giving injections is easy, but, I am sure pharmacists would rather be doing pharmacist stuff. This is just added irritation for them. But since a pharmacist salary is set, all the pharmacy chains are doing is just adding to their workload, and profiting hugely as flu shots cost what is it like a buck or two, but they sell for about $30. This is huge and easy profit for the grocery and pharmacy chains. Big money they pocket now that nursing has been eliminated.

    Nursing is losing ground in many areas that used to be viable for extra income. Now, it's clear nurses who used to rely on flu shot clinics for some extra cash can no longer for the most part, but at a few areas. The big chains of drug stores and grocery stores across the country no longer hire nurses to be involved. Sad for new grads looking for just something to do with themselves and earn a little money as a nurse while waiting for a real job to come along. Sadly, flu shot clinics was the only thing and now that's all but gone.
    This. When you look at it from this point of view, it does take something away from nursing. It's a scope of practice issue. While pharmacists are indeed qualified, you're taking a skill widely used by nursing and giving it to another discipline. Thus, no more flu administration positions for nurses where pharmacists work because they can give it instead without any addition to their salary. Look at the bigger picture: How does this affect all of nursing?

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