IV Administration of drugs...KVO vs numerous saline flushes?? - page 2

Does your hospital have a policy on IV Drug Administration?? Do you ever keep a line KVO with NS for the sole purpose of piggybacking antibiotics, lasix, steroids, etc.?? Also has there been... Read More

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    Yes!.... you can certainly can set up a flush bag of NS and then piggyback your abx and other IV meds but it is NOT manadatory or necessarily better than using any locked VAD. You should take into account that this may restict the patient's mobility a bit so I generally prefer to just use the locked VAD. If you are using a locked VAD (ie PIV, PICC or other CVC) you would use primary intermittent tubing. On primary intermittent tubing INS recommends every 24 hr tubing change but CDC has no current recommendation.INS has the rational that b/c they are connected and disconnected (as one would except as opposed to just being hooked up once ) the risk for infection is greater. So there is the risk,so if your hospital does NOT have a tubing change recommdation on primary intermittents that is every 24 hrs or at least every 48 hrs Iwould venture to say a flush bag would be be better in terms of lowering the infection risk.

    While a KVO rate can keep a CVC open a good flush now and again is advised especially with things that can build up such as Lipids and other fat based medications. Remember, to really scrub your needleless connectors (caps) per your policy for 10-15 secs and make sure they are changed per your policy and at least every 7 days at max.On studies they have found biofilm in the housing of the caps on day 5 and suspect this is a source of infection on long term CVCs,even though the studies are limited on the long term CVCs of all types.

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