Dosage Calc!! I don't understand.

  1. Im so confused! Heres the question

    Order: Furadantin oral suspension 25 mg po q6h for a child weighing 17kg
    On hand: Furadantin 25 mg per teaspoon
    Manufacture recc: 0.75-1.75 mg/kg/q6h

    Is this a safe dose?

    Heres where Im getting stuck. It says the answer is safe but I dont understand why and how!

    I did this

    17kg X 1.75mg/1kg= 29.75mg--- 29.75mg / 4 (doses in 24 hours) = 7.44 mg/q6h high end or max

    17kg x 0.75mg/1kg = 12.75mg--- 12.75mg / 4 (doses in 24 hours) = 3.19 mg/q6h low

    range is then 3.19-7.44 mg/q6h

    looking back at the order, Dr ordered 25 mg po q6h, then looking at range this is far to high? However it says its safe? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG! Im extremely frustrated.
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  3. by   Wuzzie
    You're adding an incorrect step. You started out just fine and got the answer. Why did you divide by four? The safe dose is 0.75-1.75 mg/kg/Q6 HOURS. The dose ordered is every 6 hours. You're over thinking this. Look at it again. I don't want to straight out tell you because you'll retain it better if you figure it out yourself.
  4. by   Susie2310
    You arrived at the 29.75 mg dose by multiplying the maximum end of the manufacturer's recommended dose range (1.75 mg) by the child's weight (17kg). As Wuzzie said, you have added an incorrect step by dividing the 29.75 mg by 4. Look again at how often the medication is ordered to be given (q 6 hours), and look again at the time period specified by the manufacturer at which the medication is to be given (q 6 hours). You have already calculated the maximum dose that can be given at six hourly intervals according to the manufacturer's recommendations (29.75 mg). The doctor's order is for 25 mg q 6 hours, so the ordered dose is within the range specified by the manufacturer (29.75 mg q 6 hours is the outer limit of the manufacturer's dose range), which is why you were told the doctor's order is a safe dose.
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  5. by   Wuzzie