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Hi, I wanted to chime and give anyone that is looking to pursue their BSN and/or MSN some key information. First of all stay away from for-profit colleges, like Chamberlain College of Nursing... Read More

  1. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    My local state school, UVM, is very hard to get into, and charges $525/credit (in-state). SUNY Plattsburgh and SUNY Empire State-Plattsburgh (same town, same system, different campuses) are more affordable, even as an out-of-state student, but require a NY nursing license.

    Right now, I'm considering 2 schools. Anna Maria College is a small Catholic school just outside Worcester, MA. The online RN-BSN is completely online, costs $425 per credit, and has 8-week sessions. St. Anselm College is a Catholic school in Manchester, NH. Classes are $300/credit, sessions are 8 weeks long, and the hybrid format means attending class on-campus for the first and last day of the session, so I'd have to drive to Manchester for 2 days every other month.
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  3. by   sunflrz321
    University of Wisconsin Green Bay RN to BSN program looked great on paper, but they really don't care about their existing students much at all. They have massive problems securing clinicals for students, and they don't inform students of these problems until the semester has already started and they have already paid tuition for said clinicals...such a scam. It seems like most of the teachers are barely paid anything, because almost all of them have other full time jobs, and many of the teachers frequently go days at a time without responding to student questions because they are busy picking up shifts at their other jobs. Even worse, the teachers just seem burnt out, and they don't seem to enjoy teaching or respect students at all. There are a couple of exceptions, those who are great teachers, but for the most part the teachers have NO interest in teaching. The teachers are mostly just facilitators, they don't even design the class they will be teaching, and they can't even change the content if it is messed up. You don't know who your teacher will be when you enroll in a class, and there are only a few nursing classes offered each semester, so there isn't really any way to avoid the bad teachers either. I have friends that have had much better experiences at Purdue's BSN program, and I would encourage people to look at that program first.
  4. by   lhflanurseNP
    I completed my BSN online and have been accepted into an online MSN-FNP program on the first pass. As long as the school is accredited you should have no problems.

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