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Very quick CPNE date!

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I know that anyone who is waiting to apply for/get their date for the CPNE is probably nervous enough as it is, but I wanted to add this little note. I became eligible for the CPNE in early May, and of course all those references to the long wait times (five to nine months, etc) had me thinking I would be testing sometime in the winter. My application docs were accepted on May 29, at which point I was lazily looking at the CPNE study guide here and there but focusing more on A&P since it was my only other requirement to complete. I didn't think I would even get my date for several more months, so I figured I'd focus on the CPNE later. Well, on July 11, about five *weeks* after applying, I got my date: September 5th, just about six weeks away and only three months from the time my application went through!

    I tell you this just so you won't do what I did and be laissez-faire about the CPNE since it's "five to nine months away". Of course, now I am kicking into high gear and A&P is going on the backburner. I work better under pressure anyway and will be glad to get this thing over with...but based on what Excelsior kept repeating at every turn, I thought I would have a lot more time to prepare!

    As a side note, I live in the Northeast, so I applied to the NPAC which I understand is speedier than the other RPACs.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    And good luck to you!
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    Congrats, kranken_schwester! (I grew up in Germany, so I'm amused by your user name! )

    Sometimes I think EC tells you something will take longer so you can be pleasantly (or unpleasantly, maybe) surprised when it's sooner!
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    Congrats on your speedy date. I am too apply to the north when that time comes...I've heard of people even picking their own dates in that area. Let's not complain...really if I had to wait 7 to 9 months I'd be devastated.:bowingpur
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    Wow! That is fast! Good luck! I guess I will be applying to the NPAC....
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    Where are you taking your CPNE????
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    I'll be at the Faxton St Luke's location in Utica. It's a bit of a drive for me, but my husband is from upstate NY so it's a trip I've made many times before.

    Quote from bjbabs24
    Where are you taking your CPNE????