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    Hi, I am interested in finding more information about this program. I am seriously considering applying for my BSN here because they take most of my credits, and its completely online. Does anyone have feedback that they could share with me? Is tehre anyone in the program or a gradute that is willing to share their experience, or offer tips? How manageable is the class while working full time and having family?

    Thank you any and all that have input to offer.

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    I spoke to a spokeswoman for Utica and she said January is the very FIRST Second Degree Accelerated Nursing class, Since it's a brand new program. I'll post more info next week when I find out more, I have a phone consultation scheduled Monday.
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    I have a co-worker who is in this program now. I asked her how she liked it and she did not give it high reviews. She started 3 years ago and of 18 nurses in the program she said there are 3 of them left. She says the whole program needs to be revamped and was very scattered all over the place. I wanted to apply but have to get more info as to what the real problem is or was. Will try to find out more info.
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    Hello, again. I spoke to an admission advisor and she was pretty in-depth about how this program will work, all while centering around the "Online and Clinical" aspect. Each student will have personal attention and time committed to them during certain "lab sessions", where 4-8 hours per week will be committed to learning on mannequins and learning in a new nursing laboratory (I really don't find this a sufficient amount of time per week for personal attention). In addition, there will be a nurse with a Masters in Nursing teaching and supervising during 8-10 hour clinical sessions per week (at one of 3 various hospitals, up to 45 minutes from campus). Although the advisor kept reiterating the fact that the students will not feel like this is an "Online" program, I still have my reservations.

    I would love to hear other people's opinions on this topic since it's a BRAND NEW program and concept. I have my reservations on the structure of this program and their plans of placing future grads in 2 years. I wouldn't want to be stranded as a new grad and out $50,000 without knowing I won't be losing chances at jobs due to a fear of the "unknown" from job recruiters.

    Any opinions?
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    I was speaking about the BSN program online, I think you are talking about the associate program? I am already an R.N. and looking to complete my BSN online
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    Have you heard any more about the accelerated second degree program? I got accepted into the program for the august start and am just looking for some input. I'm going to visit at the end of the month but any information would be helpful!
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    Hi I was interested in applying to Utica College accelerated program? Do you know how competitive it is to get in?
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    I'm not sure how competitive it is, the first class was in January so everything is really new. I graduated with a Biology degree with a 3.0 gpa and a lot of health care experience, if I find out any statistics ill let you know!
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    I just found out I got into the Utica Accelerated BSN August 2013 program. Anyone else apply?
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    Hi i recently sent the last parts of my transcript to the school, so now I am just waiting. How long did it take you to hear a response?

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