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  1. 0 I was wanting to start a thread to get in contact with those who are applying for a graduate nursing program at the University of South Alabama. I am applying for the Adult-Gerontological Primary Care NP for entry this Fall.
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    Hello! I applied for Fall 14' for their PNP program. I've had my application completed for a couple weeks but I haven't heard anything from them yet about it being complete. Such a long wait.
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    Congratulations and good luck! I'm assuming we won't hear anything until June or July, which is nerve wrecking. I'm looking into other programs just in case but I hope I will be accepted. I believe all Fall applicants take the beginning classes together before going into our specialties, so I may just see you on the forums in the few months
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    I applied for the FNP program (postmaster's) for Fall 2014.
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    Wanted to add: I wish their admission cycle was different. I also applied to Vanderbilt, which I believe has a deposit deadline of late April or May. I would like to know all my options before having to send someone $$.!
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    Hello Everyone!! I also applied for USA's BSN-DNP FNP program for fall 2014.Late November, I received my email stating they received my application and that they wouldn't make any decisions until after the March 1st deadline. I guess we won't find out till late April (that's when fall 2013 applicants found out). I am keeping my fingers crossed. Good Luck to everyone!

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