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    I am so excited and nervous to start the RN-BSN program at this school !!

    I know a few nurses who became clinical nurse educators or administrators who completed a masters degree in this school. But do not know anyone who completed a BSN here.

    I was at a previous university that was kind of difficult for me because of the timed tests.

    after speaking with the admissions counselor for hours asking 1000's questions I decided to enroll at UOP.

    So far I have read great things about it. I am doing online only. Took the workshop and it seems like a lot of work but doable & not as stressful as 20questions in 15min quizzes like I was at a previous school.

    Anyways, I am taking this as a second chance to get my BSN!
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    Good luck to you! I'm at GCU and happy with my online program. I worked with a RN who went the U of P route and said it was stressful but doable.
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    That's awesome!
    i like that word "doable". I am definitely looking forward to finishing and finally having BSN next to my name
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    I have a co worker who just graduated from UoP and said it was easy. She works full time. I am looking into UoP and Jacksonville University. # of classes and costs will decide. JU is slightly cheaper so we will see how many classes I need.
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    It is slightly cheaper...
    I decided on UOP instead of Jacksonville because

    UOP is giving me a $2500 scholarship for signing up before may
    there are no weekly tests-- mostly writing assignments & if there are tests then it is an open book.
    with the tuition reimbursement at the hospital. Plus a 5% discount for being an affiliated hospital-- (my employer)
    UOP ends up being $15K. ;-) and I work part time. If I worked full time I would get $2k more knocked off the price. But I work part time.

    and all the books are included in UOP.

    i wish I would of gone there from the beginning!

    I have a coworker in Jacksonville & she has quizzes each week. Has to pay for her own books. & has a "proctor U"

    writing my thoughts and research is my forte & I think I made a great choice with UOP.
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    happy to hear that!
    I am looking forward to complete this program.
    at my job they are giving us 5 years to complete the BSN :-( it's now or never
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    Btw UOP took all my credits. So I am only doing "core" classes and I am 65% done with my BSN so far!
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    Brenda, Thanks for your info as well. My friend who just finished there was very happy with UOP. I do work full time, and my hospital has not affiliations with any school but they give a 10k lifetime allowance for education. I have 3 kids at home and want a school that cost less money per credit and that the classes are not 5 weeks long. I dont want my time so crammed that I have no life either. You only get one of those too! a life... That puts UOP and Grand Canyon out. I was also looking into American Sentinal University as well as Jacksonville. I have all the info and start date for JU but waiting for other to compare.
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    I graduated from UOP in Nov 2005. I worked fulltime nights and did the BSN. It worked for me and I learned so much!!
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    I am currently on my 7th class at UOP. They took almost all my ADN credits so minus two math classes it is all nursing. You write a paper each week, discussion questions, no real test, and some group projects. It does go by really fast with most classes only being 5 weeks long. It is defiantly doable. Best of luck to everyone that has decided to enroll.
    I picked UOP because I have less pre reqs then any other school. Plus I saved 25% for a year do to an agreement with my employer.

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