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Anyone applying to University of South Alabama online MSN-FNP Program for summer or fall 2011?... Read More

  1. by   Blessb
    hi blessed22,

    i like to congratulate you on being accepted into the program! i started my program summer 2011 and since then i have really liked it. the good thing i like with online is that i do not have to drive to class and taking excuses from work or switching shifts. anyway, the advice i have for you is to try to complete your assignment early do not wait until the last minute before turning it in because the school has a mandatory policy of checking students’ papers for plagiarism, there is a link called turnitin that you are expected to turn in your papers before submitting it to your instructor sometimes, it takes 24hrs or longer before you get a response from them ( there is quite a bit of writing in most of the classes, a lot is expected from you as a graduate student in terms of writing. as a student of usa, you have the privilege of using all available resources provided by the school to help you succeed. there is a writing lab/ writing tutors, they help to evaluate students’ paper only if you turn in your papers to them. they usually give you constructive feedbacks with 24hrs. make them your friend if you have problem with writing.

    feel free to contact me if you need more advice. i wish you all the best!


    Quote from blessed22
    how have you liked the program so far. my first semester starts next week. any advice would be appreciated.
  2. by   Pt2125
    How do you check your online application status for the fnp?
  3. by   Blessb
    I am sorry blessed22, I just saw your mail. I hope everything is going on ok with you. Take care, Bless
  4. by   reebokHCFR
    any updates from you guys? I am interested in FNP but have read so much negative stuff on here about USA FNP that I don't plan on applying to it.