Transition RN Role practice exam?

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    I'm fairly new to the site and decided to jump in and enroll with Excelsior College. My first exam is Transition RN Role. I just took the practice exam and my score on test A was 54%. Low I know but I haven't studied the material yet. I still need to study but want to know how did you do on the Transition RN Role practice exam? What is a good score on the practice exam that gives you an indication you will pass the real exam? I'm so nervous I really want do pass this exam? Any advice? Thank you all.
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    you should be fine, just go over the questions specially the ones that you got incorrect. study the materials & take part b. stay positive you will do great.
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    I typically got scores in the 70s on the practice exam, and got all A's and a couple of B's on the actual exams. Good luck!
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    I didn't do too well on my practice exam either. My score was 68 on test A. I didn't do test B yet. Have faith and keep studying. You will improve on the next practice test.
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    i passed transition today... you will be fine..i was scared to take the exam too... just study the theorists and be sure to study the practice test.. good luck!!!
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    i take transitions this coming tuesday. I can't make myself study, this material is so boring! The first practice exam I got a 59 or something, the 2nd one I got a 70, I think.
    I'm ready to get this one over with so I can enroll and move on!!!