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Anyone have any info on this program for RN-BSN? Any tips, cautions, reviews about doing my RN-BSN at this school? I searched & most info is years old. :confused:... Read More

  1. by   NurseMaricel
    Hi all, I am currently taking Nursing Informatics and Health Assessment. I have a BS degree from a foreign country and an Associate Degree in Nursing from a community college in NJ. I was tossing between Kean U and TESC, however Kean will take me too long to obtain my BSN with all the BS of Chem, Statistics etc... like I need to take 12 more classes. Then with Thomas Edison I have to do all the upper Nursing classess. 6 for BSN and 2 classes are for MSN, then voila... with 2 classes per semester I will be done by December 2013. With 1 full time job and 1 per diem, plus overtime .... I can't do a traditional school and more than 2 classes per semester.
  2. by   Redhen84
    Do you have to be a NJ resident for the RN-BSN? I live in TX, but I earned a BA from TESC when I was in the Army. Are you required to do clinicals?
  3. by   Fly Guy JB
    You do not need to be a NJ resident. TESC is one of the nations largest nursing programs and have students from all over. There are no clinicals required which was of my main main reasons for going there.
  4. by   Seamusmom
    I hold a BS in Biology, AS in Business Administration and an AS in Nursing. My transcript review indicated I was lacking 6 Humanities credits (which I just CLEP'd out of) and all 8 Nursing classes to receive my BSN. How is it that some of you only need 6 Nursing classes?
  5. by   Seamusmom
    How did you find taking 2 courses at once and working full time?

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