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Anyone have any info on this program for RN-BSN? Any tips, cautions, reviews about doing my RN-BSN at this school? I searched & most info is years old. :confused:... Read More

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    Quote from mjishernameo
    Hmmm...The campus is in trenton, Ive passed it enroute to my sons college...I am sure it's a B&M...the HR director where I work graduated TE, I asked if she went online and she said no, she took all classes at the campus. Maybe some of the programs only online? I'll have to look into it. Not that it matters, Im happy with my choice thus far.
    Good luck to you...let me know what courses you'll be taking...Im thinking informatics in Jan. I have to wait until my BA diploma is awarded to switch back major to NSG, then I can register for my first class.

    Are you thinking of Psych nursing?
    Yeah that's strange but in 2009 I was told there is a building or a few buildings but that the classes are all online. When I call the nursing program later in the week I'll ask again. Still I'm very glad I got the BA at TESC.... and it sounds good since 'state' is part of the name of the school.

    I haven't decided between informatics or Health assessment as my first class in January. I went with the psychology degree first because I figured it would help with day to day work in nursing...Plus I had a lot of psych course credits from way back. Good luck!

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    So my informatics class is winding down and it was a good experience. I work full time and it was managable...I don't have any kids at home so that's a break. Im thinking of 2 classes in april then just 2 more and Im done ! I have to take a loan or get financial aid b/c husband is out of work right now...and I have one son still in im hoping I qualify for something...
    How is it going for you? Are you taking anything in April?
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    Hi TESC students/grads,

    Pls what does d RN to BSN programme look like. i am waiting 4 my transcript to be sent to TECS. I really nid info/tips/contact. How long does it take to complete one course? Must u log in for classes at a particular time, or can u log in any time? What is d maximum number of courses that can be taken per yerm/12 weeks?
    Awaiting ur response.
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    Hi Nurses,
    Pls i need info for the RN-BSN online programme at Thomas Edison State college or @ Rutgers University NJ, Is currently or has grad. from any of the 2 schools. I need to know what d prog. and their experience was like. Compare Online to classroom RN to BSN for working RNs. Which will be beta to go for?

    Pls any info/tips/contact will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    How are some of you only having to take 5 or 6 courses at TESC at then graduating with a BSN? It looks like there are 8 nursing classes required beyond the routine RN instruction to get the BSN. Did you take these nursing classes (e.g, Health Assessment) some place else and then have them transfer?
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    Hi Lyceeboo,
    Thanks a lot for your information about Thomas Edison State college. Various universities tossed me around like a ball, and gave me less desirable evaluations to make money from me just because I want to complete my MSN/BSN. I have a nursing diploma and midwifery diploma from overseas but my evaluation is incomplete for both BSN and MSN. I have almost 200 USA nursing credits but no degree certificate from the US schools. More than half of these credits are US credits from US nursing course, and the other half are credits from my overseas courses, after evaluation from N.A.C.E.S. I even have courses from a university that changed their own name and changed courses, here in the US, but refused to accept their own credits from courses taken before they changed their title. Some colleges are just out there to make a buck without considering the needs of our health care beneficiaries. Even though I have just sent my evaluation to Thomas Edison Admissions' office or the registrar, I feel empowered after reading your posts, and I now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks you guys for all your posts because now I feel like I am in the right direction. I am waiting for my evaluation from Thomas Edison and I will keep you posted. Lyceeboo, I want you to know that I applied to Thomas Edison after reading your post and I am happy I did. I am in California San Francisco and I pray that Thomas Edison give me a great evaluation. Either way I love the school already and I want to start with an objective attitude or a positive mind.
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    Hi all, I am currently taking Nursing Informatics and Health Assessment. I have a BS degree from a foreign country and an Associate Degree in Nursing from a community college in NJ. I was tossing between Kean U and TESC, however Kean will take me too long to obtain my BSN with all the BS of Chem, Statistics etc... like I need to take 12 more classes. Then with Thomas Edison I have to do all the upper Nursing classess. 6 for BSN and 2 classes are for MSN, then voila... with 2 classes per semester I will be done by December 2013. With 1 full time job and 1 per diem, plus overtime .... I can't do a traditional school and more than 2 classes per semester.
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    Do you have to be a NJ resident for the RN-BSN? I live in TX, but I earned a BA from TESC when I was in the Army. Are you required to do clinicals?
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    You do not need to be a NJ resident. TESC is one of the nations largest nursing programs and have students from all over. There are no clinicals required which was of my main main reasons for going there.
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    I hold a BS in Biology, AS in Business Administration and an AS in Nursing. My transcript review indicated I was lacking 6 Humanities credits (which I just CLEP'd out of) and all 8 Nursing classes to receive my BSN. How is it that some of you only need 6 Nursing classes?

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