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The College Network - Legit or Scam? - page 5

Hey, I recently just signed up for TCN a day ago. I have 2 more days until I can cancel my membership. I wanted to know your guys' opinion of the college network. From what the representative told... Read More

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    Get your money back u do not need TCN.
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    I had a job interview there a few months ago and have a couple friends that work there. It's not a school. It's study materials only. It's also kind of a rip/off. I say cancel while you can and go with a traditional school.
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    SCAM! You don't need TCN!!! They are just a middle man. Go directly to an online school, WITHOUT TCN. Try Excelsior College.

    Good luck!
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    What state sued them?
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    How were you able to do this? Is here anyway you can contact me and give me details. My husband is military so I got roped into thinking this was a good idea. They keep adding more and more requirements and requesting more money. I really need to get out of this. Any help would be great.
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    Which state?
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    Did Mudwoman respond?
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    SweettartRN, where are you? I have to stop my career and it seems I can't stop the contract, or even freeze it. It will continue to change, and increase and I will have to pay for it regardless of my situation. That doesn't seem fair.
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    how did you get out of your contract? I really need to, I am having to take 3 classes out at a college just because there material isn't going with the learning modules. how do I get out of it
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    Per the terms of service, no one can provide legal advice here. If you are seeking to get out of a binding contract, you should consult an actual legal specialist of some sort. Good luck.