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Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Excelsior for an online LVN-RN transition program. BTW, I would really like it if this wasn't a debate about excelsior or a thread where people tried to convince me to go to... Read More

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    Hello cc 79..first of all to avail the ASU Hospital affiliate program you need to be a texas resident. If you are then go to Angelo State University website search for college of nursing then click the lvn to rn transition. It wil give you the requirements and how to take the challenge tests. If you have further questions let me know...Good luck n regards..

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    I'm in the Houston area also looking for a LVN to RN program. I was hoping for online classes. What are the best options that anyone has found? I am reading past posts and checking out all the information shared. Thank you.
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    Im with the Lamar State College Port Arthur good program all on line check it ou for more deails
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    Im change nursing school on line Lamar State College Port Arthur affordable price check their website im looking forward to be in th next program by sept. regards
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    Lamar State College Port Arthur partnered with the hospital where Im workin it is pretty good program . Check their website. Im looking forward to join the program sept.19. 2011 Best regards...
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    I am about to begin the nursing program via Lamar State College Port Arthur all classes on line each subjects or module they call it is 5wks. Check their website the package is $5144 15 mos. Check it out. Regards...
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    I change schools lamar state college port Arthur check their website 5100 plus 15 mos program ill stRt Sept 19 best regards
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    I change school from angelo to lamar state colldge starting the program by Sept 19 15 months program fee 5125$ pay as you go along 5 weeks per module
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    Thank you arlel58. I have checked into the Lamar State College program and am going that way as well. I have applied and hope to start in Sept as well. Good luck with your studies!
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    Quote from LunahRN
    Jimbalaya, track down a user named txspadequeen921 and ask her -- I think she knows about one that's not Excelsior. She's in Texas.


    Ha ha, I'm kidding.
    HAHAHA Lunah! I could hear the last part in darth vaders voice!!

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