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Texas Excelsior Grads, Check your emails for a letter from Dean Nettleton regarding House Bill 3230 and Senate Bill 1397. These bills would ensure that grads of competency-based programs (like... Read More

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    Baldee, do you think we suffer from short term memory?
    You are not a future potential student but instead you post negative things about EC all the time on the Georgia thread. For example just recently you posted:
    "But the EC trend is a reality. To deny and give false hope is somewhat misleading. EC is still desperately suckering in new candidates in an irreversible trend downhill. EC has done nothing to bridge the gap over to State certification in a cooperative agreement with ANY state schools administrations." and
    "Its not just Georgia. Look at the thousands of posters crying. Would they be crying so loudly and consistently if EC was on the up-and-up?
    When any post states any facts contrary to EC and backed up with facts, it seems to immediately drowned out in hundreds of posts. My ire would be against systemically manipulating people by dancing around the truth by omitting of significant and well known facts; while hundreds of 'phantom' posters outright lie.
    "Forgive me for saying, and I know a lot of excellent EC grads, but EC is effectively dead and closed its door on opportunity as well as all of its current/new students." posted may 23rd 09 by Baldee. I could add more if you like. You are instead a community college student from Florida.
    You yourself said you don't consider EC on the up and up so now you are saying a couple weeks later that you may be a future student?
    So, unless you have good intentions and support fellow nursing students who are having to tackle state issues find a different arena to post your negative comments.
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    Because I speculate to find out the limits of logic efficiently, as well as the degree of faithfulness of students, do 'greedy hueristics' make me any less of a person? Although challenging at times, I try to be polite, although some think questioning the status quo is strictly taboo. Of course I'm interested. Nothing is written in stone no matter if you make straight A's, when carrying old baggage around of a couple of C's and a B from days gone past. I've always been interested. That's why I want to keep up with the controversy. That's why I always search here, not to waste time heaven forbid.

    I am definitely interested in distant learning, and this is all that is here. So I'm interested. I'm sorry if I don't have time to socialize in a prescribed ritualistic format to find out all the information I can, but I pull about 2 or 3 - 48 hour days per week. And I only have so many breaths left in my life. I don't have time to cut and paste what someone said. Who cares? Its out of context anyway. I'm in the 'here and now mode', and trying not to fall asleep. Forgive me for not being swayed by the siren of trolls. I just don't have time. Did you know today I formulated a relatively unknown relationship in Nutrition and Health that could change health patterns significantly in the future, relatively easily? Well future job security may hold this one back, but not from the people I love. And you are suggesting I start combing through 'posters' logs to find ...? I just don't have the time or inclination. Please forgive me.

    But I'm always interested in potential career path institutions and their evolutionary aspects. Organizations are exciting and an opportunity to grow. I do my homework, and don't stumble into the next day if possible. If I question, I am interested.
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    If they think the CPNE is simply a "check off list" they should be forced to perform it. After a weekend of "checking off" that imaginary "list", they are referencing, I don't think they would continue with the allegation. It never ceases to amaze me how people go all out to denigrate the Excelsior nursing program when they have no concrete evidence to support their accusations.
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    Intelligence | Insanity. A very fine line. LOL.
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