Studygroup 101 Practice Tests

  1. does anyone feel that the sg101 practice tests are really beneficial?? i spend a lot of time doing them and studying them, but i am wondering if they are really that helpful.

    i'm testing on chronicity on friday, and the sg101 practice test appear to be very thorough, but i would love some feedback on your experience with this.

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  3. by   caliotter3
    The practice tests from Excelsior are the best help. You may find some of the questions to be very similar to those on the actual exam.
  4. by   WestPalmLPN
    I've found both the Excelsior & SG101 to be helpful... good luck on your test
  5. by   sierra101504
    i personally don't rely on them very much. i think their material is good but the practice tests not so much. i sent them multiple corrections for one subject they actually refunded me the money. i knew the correct answer from studying their material though. just my opinion.
  6. by   little miss redpatch
    I have used the Excelsior practice exams and gone over the SG101 practice exams. The Excelsior exams are more like what will actually be on the exam, in my experience. The SG101 practice exams seem more like an overall, broad subject review. They ask questions differently than Excelsior does. Focusing on the Excelsior exams and the SG101 study guide content (the reading part) has served me well.
  7. by   cheltoe
    i found the sg101 flash cards to be very helpful.