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Shopping for online lpn to rn school

  1. 0 I have been a LPN for a long time and finally decide to go for my RN but don't know the right schools. Im looking for a school that is totally online program. Anyone with ideas please!!! emails welcome as this is a 2013 agenda.
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    Moved to online nursing education forum to elicit further response. The two primary online programs are Indiana State and Excelsior College. Neither program is accepted in every state for licensure. Indiana State requires in person clinicals as does Western Governors. Excelsior has a 3 day clinical examination that must be completed in person.
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    is excelsior LPN 2 RN 100% online? I thought it's self pace kind of school, where we (read) study and challenge the exams. As for Indiana state, one have to take classes with ivy tech community college and the transfer to indiana state university? put more light pls.
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    Excelsior's program is done with course exams -- you test out of certain subjects at a Pearson VUE testing center -- followed by a 2.5-day clinical exam that assesses your ability to safely practice as a nurse. It's not easy, but do-able. There is information here: Excelsior College | Program Details
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    Thanks Lunah, do you know if the excelsior college materials on are helpful?
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    You are not going to find an LPN-RN program that is 100% online, Clinicals are a requirement for an ADN.
    I graduated from an onlline LPNto RN program. I spent one day a week in clinicals and other days doing hesi reviews/testing.

    I urge you to consider a traditional in class program for your ADN unless you have extensive hospital experience.
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    Hi can anyone in the new york, long island area advise on an online LPN to RN program. Has anyone ever graduated from one, ie Excelsior, and was able to obtain employment? Also what were the clinicals like, and how were they done, and where are the testing locations for new york, long island?