RN to MSN Online with no experience

  1. I would like to an RN to MSN program which either has Family NP, Women's health NP, or CNM.

    I am also considering trying to do an RN to BSN but I'd prefer to skip the BSN. I have it set up I can go to OU and take just the nursing classes and the 1 English class. My school is one of the partner schools so I know what will transfer.

    I do have some experience as a paramedic but I'd prefer one that I can start almost right away. I do have a job in an ER lined up for after I graduate. I'd like one that is mostly online with local clinicals, but I can do up to one weekend a month. I'd also be willing to do one where you go for one or two weeks up to twice a year at the college.

    Another thing I am considering is doing a doula training class to get experience with working with mothers too. I wouldn't be able to start that till January and I'm not even sure how much education I'd need.

    I'd prefer to do a CNM program followed by Family and then Women's health. I graduate in December 2013. I am looking at OU's programs, Frontier, and that's about it. I will work near Detroit, Michigan so I can go into Ohio or into Michigan for physical classes. I'd prefer it to be online though. I also briefly (like skimmed) looked at Wayne State and University of Philadelphia.
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  3. by   applesxoranges
    Ok, I'm looking and I think I may do the OU RN to BSN route and then go from there. It looks like that way I'd be able to get some experience under my belt.
  4. by   Graduation2016
    Applesxoranges: I'm sorry, I'm a bit confused. You're looking for a BSN to MSN program, considering an RN to BSN wanting to skip the BSN but you graduate in Dec? What are you graduating in now?
  5. by   Gentleman_nurse
    Do you have a BA already?