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RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University--Let the fun begin Sep 30 2013 - page 223

Howdy all, I bit the bullet and after much research, I decided on Grand Canyon! Wow, I did not expect BSN schools to be like used car salesmen--hounding me by emails and phone calls. Rather... Read More

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    I think most of the classes state "intensive writing" pretty much every class had 1 paper or powerpoint due each week..sometimes a 2nd item due as well......
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    Hey Flames9 thanks for the info but I did see specifically in the catalog that it has a asterisk stating intensive writing just like the spirituality class. Believe me I don't have a problem with writing papers it's just the crazy comments from the professor. I have had 8 classes prior to that spirituality class and never had any kind of grading issues with my APA format . I used the GCU template ,but in that class the professor would make things wrong in all crazy places on the rubric like flow and sentence structure and grammar etc, but never gave any feedback. But 8 professors before her never had issues with my writing performance. It's so funny how very different they all are but like you said before just check the box.
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    Thanks for the pm I'm still trying to work the site correctly.
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    Can you send me a PM on this as well ,thank you in advance!
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    I hear you OLD DOG. My spirituality instructor was difficult. He knit picked at everything. As I said in the other GCU thread, I was barely made an A-. I knew going in that it would be a class that could sink people, because it's totally underestimated. The professor in spirituality deducted points that other instructors did not.

    Every instructor is so different. My ethics prof would not accept any paper that was written at a 9th grade level. So not only did we have to be APA proficient, but we had to constantly check the grade level and aim for 12th grade or higher.
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    Hi Everyone,
    Well class #10 is completed AMP 450 yay. Starting Risk 308-V today any words of wisdom would be appreciated looks very busy! 3 classes left after this one I'm nervous and excited all at the same time! PM if you have anyting you can't post online. Thanks in advance.
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    Hello ,can you pm the list of current favourable i strucors.I had a list but most of the professors on them are not instructing anymore.I am in statistics class and everything looks scary right now.The instructors last name start with first letter of a colour.