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  1. I'm looking to enroll in an RN to BSN online program... any suggestions?? I am seriously looking into Chamberlain, so any feedback on them would be much appreciated, but all or any advise would help. Thanks!
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    I'm moving this over to the Distance Learning forum to encourage responses. As someone is graduating from Chamberlain in two weeks (yay!!!), I can tell you I've enjoyed their program. Yes, it's expensive, but I did some creative funding (employer tuition reimbursement + scholarship) that paid for more than half of the total bill, and that rocked! And I feel like I've gotten a good education to boot.

    There are some threads about Chamberlain in this forum, as well as other programs. Good luck in your decision!
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    Thank you!!
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    I'm going to vote for Chamberlain as well. I'm about to graduate from there. It has taken me just 11 months and I could have done it even faster but slowed down at the end. One of things I have seen so many people say is that they didn't really get anything out of their BSN program. I can honestly say the Chamberlain program has taught me so much about research(and *how* to do scholarly research), evidenced-based practice(and why it is important) and being an agent of change in nursing and healthcare on the whole. You will learn a lot if you choose to go there. Good luck.

    Sue, RN
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    Thank you so much! I'll probably end up going there. I'm also going to be taking Italian studies because I'll be living in Italy while I'm taking the BSN courses on line, so can you tell me realistically (compared to nursing school) how intense it is and how much time I can expect to dedicate to it? Just don't want to overload myself... Also, if you don't mind telling me how much it cost compared to other school? Sorry all the questions!