RN-MSN program at Aspen University

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    I am enrolled in the RN-MSN program at Aspen University and after finishing the first two courses I feel that this has been a great choice. If anyone out there is looking for an affordable program with solid nursing content check out Aspen.

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    I just looked at their program and it looks fantastic! They are very reasonable. I couldn't quite figure out how long each class is. It appears they have rolling admission. Is it very challenging academically? What does the time frame look like for completion? How many courses are you taking at a time? Thanks...not familiar with the program...CCNE accredited to boot!
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    It is a great program. Relatively new, but the dean has a lot of experience and has a great listening ear. I find the courses challenging but are easily accomplished in the ten weeks. You can go at your own pace and complete them sooner if you want. RN-MSN is typically 3 years but again, can be completed sooner. It is very affordable and I ave absolutely no complaints. I am taking one course at a time because my work schedule is crazy busy and I do not want to put unnecessary stress in my life. I highly recommend you check out this school. I looked at many others before I chose Aspen. They keep their overhead down so they can keep the cost down for the students. I am using many of the same textbooks that the local university is using. I will have my MSN and not be buried in debt!
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    This sounds great! Congrats. Is this program for nurses with their bachelor's or can RN's apply too?
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    I have an associates degree so check them out. I am going to have a MSN and not be in debt to my ears. They even work with your employer if they have a tuition support program
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    I might be able to tranfer to the AAS nursing program in my school. You mean I can go straight into the MSN program without a BA?
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    There are quite a few bridge programs for AAS nurses that want to earn a Master's. You don't necessarily earn a BSN along the way, but for many folks that's not an issue so long as they have the MSN.
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    They are not regionally accredited which means if you transfer elsewhere it very well may not be accepted.
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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for posting about Aspen! I am going to visit their site now!
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    The NP school I could obtain a post grad degree from doesn't care about the regional accreditation...just CCNE...and it's a state school. I'm good with that.

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