RN to MSN Online with no experience

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    I would like to an RN to MSN program which either has Family NP, Women's health NP, or CNM.

    I am also considering trying to do an RN to BSN but I'd prefer to skip the BSN. I have it set up I can go to OU and take just the nursing classes and the 1 English class. My school is one of the partner schools so I know what will transfer.

    I do have some experience as a paramedic but I'd prefer one that I can start almost right away. I do have a job in an ER lined up for after I graduate. I'd like one that is mostly online with local clinicals, but I can do up to one weekend a month. I'd also be willing to do one where you go for one or two weeks up to twice a year at the college.

    Another thing I am considering is doing a doula training class to get experience with working with mothers too. I wouldn't be able to start that till January and I'm not even sure how much education I'd need.

    I'd prefer to do a CNM program followed by Family and then Women's health. I graduate in December 2013. I am looking at OU's programs, Frontier, and that's about it. I will work near Detroit, Michigan so I can go into Ohio or into Michigan for physical classes. I'd prefer it to be online though. I also briefly (like skimmed) looked at Wayne State and University of Philadelphia.
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    Ok, I'm looking and I think I may do the OU RN to BSN route and then go from there. It looks like that way I'd be able to get some experience under my belt.
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    Applesxoranges: I'm sorry, I'm a bit confused. You're looking for a BSN to MSN program, considering an RN to BSN wanting to skip the BSN but you graduate in Dec? What are you graduating in now?
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    Do you have a BA already?

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