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Looking for an RN-BSN online that has NO chemistry requirement. I don't want to take chem. Never want to take chem. Didn't need it for my ADN program. I know there must be something out there...... Read More

  1. by   CDEWannaBe
    You shouldn't avoid other programs, just take the Chemistry class! I don't know how you would do well in Physiology without it.

    I failed Chemistry in high school and was so afraid to take it. But ended up getting an A. I'm not super smart, just picked a great teacher and used a "Chemistry for Dummies" book from the library for reference. You can totally do it.
  2. by   Apgar10
    I've already done microbiology and physiology and made it through nursing school without chemistry. It's not about being afraid to fail it's about taking the straightest path and spending the least amount of money and time to reach the goal. I'm not a 20-something with 30-40 years of nursing left to take my time. Lucky if I get a nice 20 in before I'm too old.
  3. by   33762FL
    SUNY Delhi and Thomas edison state college of NJ online RN-BSN do not require chemistry.
  4. by   wifetoAndy
    I go to the brick and mortar BSN program at Austin Peay State University in Tennessee. No chemistry required for the online or traditional program, and one of the highest NCLEX pass rates. Most of my teachers also teach the online courses and they are all great nurses and very supportive. I didn't want to take that class either and did well in A&P and microbiology. You learn enough chemistry for what you need in those classes. Good luck!
  5. by   goltzilocks
    What about an online school from RN to BSN that does NOT require Statistics!! I suffered through Chem and got a C because my nursing program required it. But NOT Statistics....please......I've heard HORROR stories!!! I barely made it through intermediate Algebra and College level Algebra is usually req. before Stats.....

    Any suggestions out there? I've been looking and contacting colleges but so far no dice! Stats is required with College Alg as pre req....UGH!!

  6. by   wifetoAndy
    APSU requires stats, but they have it set up so that if you need a little extra help, there are tutors and a course that actually adds in an extra hour that builds your skills and helps you pass the course. If you can do chemistry, stats is possible. And I found statistics easier than college algebra. They let you use calculators!
  7. by   LauraBnurse
    Hello i Just passed my nclex RN but looking for a easier nursing program online from RN-BSN you mentioned Austin peay State University how is their program? There is so many different programs being that I have 2 small kids and work i have little time to study, mayve you can give me some clues. Thank you.
  8. by   TiffyRN
    I am working on RN to BSN. I completed my ASN almost 20 years ago at a traditional community college. My husband's ASN was from Excelsior and anyone else was going to require 8 credits in A&P I & II with lab. Since he did ASN originally through them, he only had 6, so we decided to go through them. They require statistics, but not chemistry (he has statistics). I am enrolled to start their statistics course next week. The only thing keeping me from panicking is that they had advised me to hold off until this course started because it's specific to healthcare providers, so maybe not full of math-smart people. We'll see, ask me in a week or two.
  9. by   wifetoAndy
    The program is great. The instructors are the same ones teaching in the classroom and on clinical rotations, and many of them still practice and/or are working on advanced degrees so they understand the demands on your time and are flexible. They still hold people accountable and make sure everyone learns though, so it is a good balance. You can email dwhite@apsu.edu. Her name is Danielle White and she is one of the online instructors and also an advisor so she should be able to answer any specific questions you have. Good luck!
  10. by   Boston RN
    Hi Everyone! I am looking into enrolling into Anna Maria College RN-BSN online program.....Has anyone heard anything about this program good or bad? It's pretty pricey! Umass Boston was my 1st choice, but it seems impossible to get into their program. Denied twice. The coordinator for UMASS said there are over 3000 applicants & they are only accepting 60+. It's a staffing issue over there!
  11. by   Nurse, RN
    Anna Maria online program is great. UMASS program is not as good. It's run like a state school with no money and that's how they treat the students. Stick with Anna Maria.

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