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I have two options. Either take it at a community college level and all hopefully online, or take a stats class for health care professionals. Which do you think would be easier? It's the only road bump in my RN-BSN route and... Read More

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    I'm taking it now, online, and I'm having a really hard time. It's an awful useless class! My sister is taking the same class but at the campus and she's not having to do half the stuff I'm having to. :/
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    Quote from frankie,RN
    just took stats fo the healthcare professional this past summer. its a killer class online, but definitely doable. the five weeks was tough but i was glad when it was finally over. good luck with whatever you choose.
    Where did you take it ?
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    Quote from CrunchyMama
    I'm taking it now, online, and I'm having a really hard time. It's an awful useless class! My sister is taking the same class but at the campus and she's not having to do half the stuff I'm having to. :/
    Who are you taking it through?
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    Quote from hey_suz
    I've taken two stats classes. Undergrad stats I took live in a traditional classroom setting at the local CC. It was not too bad. There were a lot of nurses who take it there as a prereq for grad school, so the professor kind of spoke to that a lot. I also took a grad-level Biostats class online. I really liked the classroom aspect better than the online, but online you can look at the posted powerpoint lesson as many times as you need to, which is helpful.

    Keep in mind that stats is not really math. There are some formulae to remember, but it's really kind of its own thing, conceptually.
    I keep telling myself that stats isn't exactly math, but my brain isn't quite buying it, lol. I bought the book Statistics for Dummies off of ebay for 5 bucks. I figured it couldn't hurt.

    A co-worker is taking it online at a CC and her tests are proctered but all open book and notes! The downside is, you have to have three current math classes to take the stats. That would add probably another year onto my BSN, because my math is outdated.
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    I have the same problem .. the Statistics class is the only thing stopping me from taking the BSN course. I just cannot wrap my mind around the graphs, xyz, etc. I look at it and my mind yells "WTH" .... It has been so long since I have been in class that I'm not sure where to begin.
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    Cougar,I bought a statistics book for health care prof.It has helped me have a better understanding.
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    University of Phoenix HCS 438...5 weeks. PM if you want.
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    Cougar1113- I attend the University of South Florida but earned my AA at a local community college(St Petersburg College in Clearwater, FL). Stats is one of those classes that I do not consider math. I had a hard time taking it in a classroom setting, i.e. the professor and I were not on the same wavelength. I retook the class online and totally got it. Best of all I earned an A. The professor was awesome and provided everything that you could possibly want to succeed in her class. It was very time consuming and at times frustrating. We only had 2 exams, each worth 30% of our total grade and they were proctored (no notes or books allowed) The rest of our grade was based on discussion boards, quizzes and assignments. Do not let Statistics stop you from going for your BSN. There are professors out there that you will connect with and once you get that professor.... it will make a world of difference.

    Also before you take a class at the University of Phoenix, make sure that the specific class you are taking will be accepted for credit at the college that you plan to attend. One of my classmates has an over 80 credits and an AA from there and USF only took about 15 of her credits. She is having to retake A&P 1 and 2, Chemistry, Comp, Nutrition, Developmental Psych and all her Humanities classes. Unfortunately because she is having to retake all of those classes, she is about a year behind me even though she has more college credits than I do.
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    Yep, definitely check first. I had mine approved by the Dean so it's all good.
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    I took stats 4 times - twice with the same horrible prof (second time the instructor was TBA up until class started and my heart sank when he walked in), once again in a kinesiology format (gym teachers, ex sci, athletic trainers, etc) and did better because we would use data from things like going to the gym and shooting free throws and other related activities, and my final time was online.
    Out of all the delivery methods, I felt the online delivery was the best and not just because of the open book tests (timed, so you still had to know your stuff). The biggest difficulty for me wasn't understanding the end results (think the stats in a medical journal article) it was calculating them. If you do have the option for an online health based course, I would opt for that because there's a good chance that the problems will be focused on health situations and ends up making more sense than a course designed more for business people.

    Hope this helps you a bit
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